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A Guide To A 2 Bedroom Granny Flat Floor Plans

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  • Monday, 15th Nov 2021
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What are granny flat floor plans?

It is an additional room that may be created primarily for elderly parents, and most people build it to generate revenue by renting out the space. The architecture of a granny flat allows it to be removed and connected wherever you choose. Generally, a granny flat adds to the overall beauty and the utility of your home. You get an extra living, renting or office space that gives better resale value to your home.

What are the benefits of the 2 bedroom granny flat floor plans?

1. Rental

According to a recent poll, house owners with granny flat floor plans have experienced a 3.5 percent boost in revenue, which may equal to $300 per week, but this is entirely dependent on the region you reside in and the typical rental amount in your area. Based on that, you may determine how much additional money you can make. You can keep paying guests or give the granny flat on rent to small families.

2. Homestays

Granny flat floor plans are ideal for giving tourists a place to stay. Many homeowners have posted the locations on tourism websites. There is one thing you should bear in mind: giving out your granny flat to tourists means you will be spending money cleaning the property after each visit, replenishing the amenities, and offering certain facilities for free, so if you make more than you spend, go for it; otherwise, don’t. This has become a popular option in many countries now.

3. Eldercare services

Even if you don’t have any seniors, you may register your granny flat floor plans with a nearby nursing home for elder care services to accommodate elderly people. The money you receive here may be smaller than that of long-term or short-term rent, but you will be helping your community by doing so.

4. Growing kids

When children grow up, they want their own beds, so a two-bedroom granny flat floor plan is ideal for parents with children who are entering their adolescent years. Each can have their own bedroom and the solitude they want. Each room in these granny flats is large enough to accommodate a bed, closet, and study table.

5. Aged parents

If you have elderly parents who are unable to live on their own due to medical care, being bed-ridden, or living in a remote location where it is difficult to reach them in an emergency, you may create a two-bedroom granny flat floor plan for them and have them stay with you. They will feel safe and calm being around family, and you will be able to look after them. In this way, you can keep a track of the aged or ailing parents and during an emergency, you can tend to their care.

6. Cost

The most beautiful aspect about the 2 bedroom granny flat floor plan is that they are less expensive than the actual property. When you intend to build a house from the ground up and a granny flat from the ground up, you will see for yourself that the cost of creating granny flats is extremely low. If you want to sell your property, the granny flat design will improve the value of your home; if you do not plan to sell, you may take the granny flat with you.


Contact the best construction company and provide them with your requirements and ideas for a 2 bedroom granny flat floor plan design and let them guide you with the best possible ideas that are cost-effective and budget-friendly. Go by the building authority guidelines and then design and start the pricing accordingly.


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