Basketball is quite popular in Australia, and is one of the most famous sports in Australia. If you’re a new-bee and wanna be champion or playing for the high school team, this is for you.

Smart basketball tricks that Aussie champs can pull off easily!

Basketball is gaining popularity in Australia day by day. High school players and college players mostly organize basketball tournaments. It’s just a whole other craze that is becoming ritual-like.

Let’s discuss some coolest and hard tricks that aussies know. The hardest move in basketball is “free throw”, well, not for Aussies!

Aussies are the genius minds that make even the hardest tasks easier.

Another difficult trick to master is the spin move. This one can be a real tricky one and make you unguardable.

Floater: floater is a high-arching trick to pull on. To dodge the incoming defender and shoot your shot with this trick can draw all the highlights on you.

Basic skills to learn in basketball

Dribbling, Shooting, Defense, Rebounding and Passing are the most basic offensive skills to understand and learn when you’re just a new-bee in basketball. Once you learn these ones, you already come up to the mid-level from beginner.

Offensive skills: Learning offensive skills will not let you win as you also play as a defender at the same time. Blocking, stealing, and again, rebounding are defensive skills you need to learn because in situations on court like when you can’t play offensive, refence is your only option to spin the tables.

Defensive skills: Dribbling is unarguably the most important skill and it can be a tricky one to learn. So when you practice, learn dribbling to be the red-bull and ungradable!

Talking about Australia and basketball, let’s discuss the all time favorite and inspiring Australian basketball players.

4 the most inspiring Australian basketball players.

Kyrie Irving: Kyrie Irving is American-Australian citizen, who was born in Melbourne and afterwards presented USA in the NBA.

Patty Mills: Patty Mills is a professional Australian basketball player born in Canberra. He presents Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association. He’s gained exploding popularity with his “ three point shooting” trick. He’s mostly loved for his leadership qualities. He even holds the Olympic record for scoring the highest points in the history of basketball at the London Olympics 2012. Patty mills was also chosen as the first indigenous flag bearer at the Olympic opening ceremony at Tokyo.

Andrew gaze: greatly known, the most successful and a proud Australian basketball player who is the highest point scorer in Olympic basketball history! He has played in the NBL for 22 seasons representing the Melbourne tigers. Also captained Melbourne for eight years straight and two Olympic bronze medal games out of four Olympic games he played.

Lauren Jackson: Lauren Jackson is one of the best Australian female basketballers in . She has marked her place by being four-time Olympic medalist (three silver and one bronze), one time FIBA World Champion and two-time bronze medalist at Commonwealth Games in Melbourne in 2006 where she won the gold medal.

What a woman! She has inspired a number of women to play any sports they are good at. Even Though women’s basketball is not so popular, Lauren has her own place in the heart of her fans from all over the world. Not finished yet, even being listed for one of the NBA’s best top 25 ever, she is such an inspiration.

So, Aussies, get ready to shine bright. Surpass the tricks from the Australian basketball legends themselves.

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