A Perfect trip to Belgium- One week itinerary

A Perfect trip to Belgium- One week itinerary

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  • Wednesday, 6th Jul 2022
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It is easy to visit Belgium from the Netherlands if you live in the Netherlands. Belgium is a country anyone can visit many times. Despite Belgium being small, many tourists skip any favorite spots in Belgium while Booking A Cheap Ticket through Antwerp or Brussels. This Belgian itinerary is based on a road trip taken with family through Belgium. It covers the best of Belgium in a week.

This train itinerary to Belgium includes stops in Antwerpen, Gent, Bruges, and Namur, Namur, Durbuy, and Bruges. You can easily complete this one-week itinerary in Belgium without owning a car. Belgium is a great place to travel because people speak English as well as Flemish and French, depending on where you’re going. In addition, you can pay with your card in most places in Belgium that use the euro.

While it might be tempting to book your train from Belgium to/from Belgium in advance, booking trains within Belgium is not a good idea. It’s also not worth using your Interrail/Eurorail card for local trains within Belgium, although it is recommended to book ahead for Thalys.
It is easy to use the Belgian trains. You don’t need to plan anything other than looking up train times and purchasing tickets for your destination. Although train tickets between cities are significantly cheaper (between 5-20 euros for intra-Belgium one-way travel), I recommend that you carefully choose the most convenient station. Unfortunately, finding the names of train stations for city centers in other countries is not easy.

One Day In Antwerpen

People who hurry through Belgium overlook this Belgian city. However, it is full of history and charm. Hotels tend to be less expensive than those in Brussels. Catherina at Freitag apartment is my favorite budget-friendly apartment. It’s just a few steps from the Plantin Moretus House, right in the city’s center. The location and price are unbeatable, especially for a couple.

Antwerpen is home to many world-class museums. The Plantin Moretus House is the first commercial printing house in the world and a beautifully preserved residence. This museum is a must-see for anyone who loves literature and history.

The grand Grote Markt is Antwerp’s main square. It houses beautiful buildings that were once guild halls. You can easily spend at least an entire hour exploring this square and the historic Cathedral nearby.

You should end your night in Antwerpen by visiting a Belgian bar. Antwerp is a paradise for beer lovers. There are many great bars where you can try local beers.

You might consider taking a day or two off your second day to travel to another city. However, you might be more comfortable taking things slower and exploring the hipster neighborhood around MAS. This area has a fantastic view of the city. In addition, this area is filled with cute cafes and shops that will allow you to experience a modern Antwerp.

One Day In Ghent

Ghent is a great city for students in Belgium. Gent (Ghent) is a quieter alternative to the bustling streets of Brussels. It is Belgium’s most beautiful medieval town, with stunning medieval buildings, breathtaking canals, and a genuine stone castle.

Gravensteen is Ghent’s magnificent medieval castle dating back to 1180, and it’s worth a visit even if you have only a few hours to spare. The castle is like something out of a movie, and parts of it have fascinating histories. You can easily spend at least 2 hours exploring the castle’s high and low points.

It would help if you explored Patershol, a charming medieval village with many small shops and restaurants. Confiserie Temmerman is a great place to find unique sweets. Street art can be found in other parts, too!

Enjoy a delicious meal and then relax by the canals to take in the atmosphere by booking a cheap flight ticket online. Many people bring their drinks to enjoy the city’s atmosphere.

You should book if you plan to spend the night in Gent. Unfortunately, there aren’t many hotels in the center of Ghent. However, hotel Onderbergen is a charming boutique hotel that’s affordable and close to the river.

Bruges – One Day

Many people ask me for travel advice, and Bruges is often cited as the top destination in Belgium. Bruges is a beautiful destination, but it is also a very popular tourist spot in Belgium. So although it’s worth visiting, the crowds can make it overwhelming in the city’s center, especially during peak season.

You can take a canal cruise through Bruges and visit the De Halve Maan beer to try the most famous brewery in Bruges. Bruges is a wonderful day trip from many Belgian cities because of its numerous small streets.


Namur is Wallonia’s capital. This beautiful city is home to an impressive fortress and is ideal for anyone looking for something different in Belgium. You’ll find charming little cafes along the cobblestoned streets.

You will need to climb the Citadel, which is above the city. You can also explore the underground tunnels beneath this city, which many people don’t know. You can also rent a bicycle to ride along the scenic Meuse to nearby castles. You can also enjoy abbey beers at Namur’s Maredsous Abbey.

Namur accommodation is quite affordable. What might cost you a basic room or a room in Brussels could get you a comfortable room in a boutique hotel in Namur. The Golden Snail is located right next to the Citadel.


This tiny city claims it is the most compact in Europe and has many beautiful alleyways. However, the stunning topiary garden, cobblestone streets, and ivy-covered buildings are fairytales.

It is a wonderful place to wander for hours. To fulfill your dream of becoming a princess, you can stay the night at a charming little chateau in the middle of the city. You’ll wonder why everyone is stuck in Brussels. It’s obvious.

So plan your trip to Brussels and book a flight ticket to return to enjoy the hassle-free trip.


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