After a camera’s body and lens, the next most important things to consider for a photographer’s kit are their accessories. In the following article, we’ll discuss the most essential and basic digital camera accessories that any beginner photographer should consider adding to their collection of camera gear.

In contrast to unnecessary frills, Digital camera accessories are practical gears that help when it comes to photography and videography. Extra batteries, spare batteries, camera lens, storage devices, lights and useful camera bags can allow users to shoot longer and thus increase their chances of capturing the perfect shot.

Here’s a list of our current favourite picks of the top camera accessories you can purchase, including tripods, selfie sticks, flashguns, wireless triggers, and more.

Battery, Grips, and Chargers

There’s nothing worse than setting out on a day trip with a camera in hand, only to discover that the battery is as flat as pancakes upon reaching the location. When you purchase a brand-new camera, you’ll always find an adapter in the box; however, when you purchase a used model, that’s not the norm. It’s usually best to buy an official charger, for example, one for a Nikon charger for a Nikon camera or a Canon charger for a Canon camera. Make sure that it’s the correct battery type, too, because a lot of models, even those of the same manufacturer, use different batteries.

However, buying chargers that charge several batteries at the same time might be helpful. This way, you can use spare batteries, recharge them quickly, and leave them equipped with the juice needed to last throughout the day.

If your camera can support it, purchasing an additional battery grip add-on will allow you to shoot longer before changing batteries while also improving your camera’s ergonomics.

On and Off-Camera Lighting

When we begin to take photography seriously and shoot under more difficult light conditions, using artificial light can be a major factor in enhancing our photography skills. There are many types of lighting available and choosing one can get somewhat overwhelming for novice photographers, but it’s quite simple to understand.

Mainly there are two kinds of lighting: flash and continuous. The name itself suggests that continuous lighting refers to any source of light that continuously emits light, such as a light bulb or lamp. Flash lighting releases a massive flash of light that normally exceeds the maximum output from a continuous source of light that is useful for freezing moving objects.

Continuous lights come in many shapes and sizes, with the most popular lighting using LEDs due to their low energy consumption. LED panels are a fast and efficient method to light subjects and are inexpensive, though more sophisticated models include lighting effects like mimicking gunshots or fire. Ring lights provide beautiful, gentle lighting to portraits and come in desktop-sized, small models and larger ones that require mounting on a separate light stand.

Flash lighting is accessible either through speed lights or studio strobes. The former is powered by batteries and is smaller, lightweight, portable, and less expensive than studio strobes. Speedlights are a fantastic method to begin your journey into flash photography and use in locations. Studio strobes are stronger; however, they typically require power from the mains, making them better suited for indoor photography and locations with electricity access.

Selfie Sticks

Similar to tripods, these selfie sticks can be employed to hold smartphones or cameras at a distance from the photographer to take a perfect selfie. Some of the top selfie sticks come with additional options like Bluetooth triggering and various options for mounting cameras, smartphones, and action cameras, and they differ in length and weight.

Tripods and Supports

Tripods are constructed from two main materials: metal alloy and carbon fibre. Although metal tripods weigh more, they’re generally less costly than carbon fibre tripods; however, despite their cost are equally sturdy but are lighter.

Certain tripods feature expanding columns that help increase the camera’s reach while keeping the design relatively compact and easy to transport around. However, it can reduce the stability of the tripod. This means that the camera can be more vulnerable to blurring in strong winds when taking photos with longer exposures.

Bags and Cases

Camera bags are most basic digital camera accessories, come in a wide variety of designs and layouts. The process of recommending a particular camera bag is difficult because each photographer has their own needs for style and comfort. Some prefer camera bags that are strapped to the shoulder, and others would prefer a smaller bag or pouch that can be tucked into the larger rucksack. However, some prefer an appropriate backpack to walk long distances or traverse rough terrain hands-free.

Memory Cards

Having a camera that can capture fast or capable of recording video with high resolution is an excellent thing, but when you pair it with slow memory cards, it will result in a bottleneck for data flow and will slow the camera’s capability to record. The speed of the memory card has to be balanced with the cost of operation, and it’s not only about getting the highest number but also a reasonable price.

Wireless Camera Triggers

There are times when shooting a photograph behind the camera isn’t possible. This could be for a self-portrait, a group shot, which the photographer is required to be in, or triggering in awkward situations and in these times, using a wireless camera trigger is more convenient. Also called remote shutter release, wireless triggers can also minimise the camera shake blur from touching the camera, which can help keep shots sharp even under long exposures. Certain models also include built-in features like interval timing or delay modes to allow timelapse.


There’s a variety of helpful accessories that you can purchase for your camera to enhance your photography and simplify your life. However, these are some essential ones you should consider taking along in your bag. If you are looking for a place to find all the digital camera accessories under a single roof, Camera Electronic is the solution. We have a most extensive range of camera accessories in Australia, delivered right to your doorstep when you order online.

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