Capital Index Fund provides exceptional trading conditions, fast execution, easy access, and a wide range of currency pairs and other assets for trading. Once you have started trading, you will become proficient in all aspects of online trading and brokers. Moreover, traders must clarify some essential things if they are new in the trading field or for online brokers. It is indeed a fact that online trading requires in-depth knowledge and highly skilled analytical abilities.

In this article, we will talk about Capital Index Review, which may assist you if you are looking for an online broker for trading.

What Is a Capital Index?

Capital Index is a powerful yet multi-asset broker that offers trading services across the globe since 2014. It is known for transparent, quick, and secure trading, the broker leverages NDD. This involves the ideal market prices and robust security, expanding and enhancing your trading prospects.

The bulk of traders will benefit from their exceptional selection of tools. Partnerships with outside parties also offer internal research. After more than 18 years, Capital Index has expanded to provide retail customers with share dealing, forex, and CFD trading. A worldwide broker is Capital Index. Cyprus serves as the headquarters for Capital Index.

Is Capital Index Legit?

Everyone feels whether a trading platform is regulated by financial authorities because this plays an important role in choosing a broker. You will be pleased to know that Capital Index is a legit platform because SCB regulates it with Capital Index Global Limited registered broker in the Bahamas.

Additionally, the broker offers services for another well-known brokerage firm in Australia, Cardiff Global markets Pty Ltd, which trades under the name ForexCFDs and is governed by the Australian ASIC.

Pros and Cons of Capital Index

Before opening an account, you should do complete research that helps traders evaluate the platform. Moreover, we will discuss the pros and cons of Capital Index review. Thus it helps you compare with other brokers and put things in context and plan things accordingly.

● Broker with a high reputation and FCA authorization
● Recognized internationally and appreciated
● Competitive spreads and expenses for trading
● Trading platform MT4
● Used by over 10,000 traders
● Excellent customer service

● Conditions may change depending on the company and the regulation.
● No 24-hour client service
● Only Very High Spreads
● Very Few Education tools
● Only MT4 platform

Trading Platforms

Capital Index is as versatile as other broker platforms. Capital Index is excellent for traders who want a manageable assortment of affordable services. The programs offered by Capital Index are third-party, white-label offerings. All traders can select MT4, Desktop, and iPhone/iOS. Users of Capital Index have access to the famous MetaTrader 4 trading platform, which allows them to trade on their PC, smartphone, or tablet. One of the most often used trading platforms for trading forex and CFDs is MT4.

Along with everything, Capital Index has multiple benefits to new and professional traders and should be researched. There is no time limit over the transactions, one can keep the transaction open as per the preference. The broker offers premium customer service that assists customers and provides an excellent solution.

Trading Account Types

Capital Index has created its trading accounts for beginner and professional Forex traders. They now provide three distinct types of accounts to meet the various demands of diverse traders.

Advanced Accounts:

The advanced account is the first and most affordable type of account that Capital Index offers. The initial down payment is $100. Spreads start at 1.4 pips, but there are no commissions, which is convenient for new traders.

Pro Account

PRO account has substantially better spreads starting at one pip and requires a minimum deposit of $5,000.

Black Account

The black account also has competitive spreads but requires a minimum deposit of $50,000.

Fees: Commission And Spread

Capital Index offers different types of accounts based on the trader’s requirements. Each of them has its spread calculation and depends on the trading volume; if the trading volume grows, the spread will be lesser, and the fee structure is also determined by the account you choose to use for trading.

Capital Index may impose fees as a trading expense if the transaction is open for more than a day. They either don’t charge a brokerage fee or charge a small price. This may be advantageous for those who often trade, such as monthly or daily.


The broker, which two significant industry regulators govern, is a dependable option, according to the review of the Capital Index. Capital Index often meets the most practical and everyday traders’ demands. Given that the MT4 server is positioned in the same data center as other big banks and financial organizations, Capital Index users can gain significantly from quicker order execution.

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