Dubai is the number one city for a trip, and they always try to be on the top through its tallest buildings and popular attractions like Miracle garden compared to other places. The Dubai Foundation displays colorful water where the water dances, leaps, and shoots high into the sky. The unique architecture of Dubai is the one that grabs our attention.

Dubai is the city where you find all your bucket wish list to fulfil, for one who is looking for an island holiday or a couple who want to take a romantic walk, whether it is a wish to see the full view of Dubai from the tallest side of Dubai or looking for overnight Desert Safari with barbeque dinner, Dubai never takes step back to give you all you want. To fulfil your wishes, Roaming Routes bring Dubai Tour Package for 5 nights and 6 days only at 60000. It’s time to regain your inner happiness and fulfil your desires with Roaming Routes. Roaming Routes always take care of every penny you spend on this package, and we will never let you disappoint. Offer you the best places in Dubai that you want to visit and what makes Dubai special. After a lot of places, we select the best areas for you. Do not think about the second thought money will come but the happiness of your life finding you or you should see it. Make some time at a good place. No wonder here and there, trust the experience travel agency; they will never let you down; go with no stress and come with a good experience with this Dubai package.

The Beauty Of Dubai, What Makes It Dubai

Burj Khalifa

We know that we are not required to introduce Burj khalifa. It’s time to visit the Burj Kalifa. All time you listen to people or the world about Burj Khalifa but its time to see yourself and experience it yourself. Enjoy the beauty of Dubai with the fantastic view of Dubai. It’s a place that every holidaymaker considers if he goes to Dubai.

Dubai Mall

When you visit Burj Kalifa, why leave Dubai mall when you are nearest to it? We never explore the Dubai mall in a single day, so you can guess how long it is. Take advantage of the Highlights of the mall, the luxury shop of the big brands, the ice rink, Dubai dino. Enjoy the ice rink at Dubai Mall.

Dubai Miracle Garden

It’s time to see the world’s most extensive flower garden, the Miracle Garden. It is the place that adds beauty to Dubai. Explore the Miracle garden with eye-catching shapes and designs, from heart and teddy bears to full-sized Emirates aircraft. See the Millions of flowers in one place. It will surely delight you.

Dubai Desert Safari

How will this happen if you go to Dubai or do not visit the desert safari? Here tickets are cheap, and you can enjoy camel rides, belly dance shows, sand boarding and BBQ dinner at night. Get some unique experience that awaits you. The sunset view in the evening is unforgettable while having camel rides.

Dubai Fountain

The Dubai fountain is the best place to see in Dubai, mainly at night. You can take a lake ride at the Dubai fountain. You can enjoy the night beauty of Dubai at Dubai Fountain. Immerse yourself in captivating water, music, and light experience. You can also watch from the lakefront and take a ride for a close-up view of Dubai Fountain. The Length of the Fountain is 900ft, with a different size of five circles, equivalent to two football fields.

Things to Do in Dubai Places

Let’s stop here after Burf Kalifa to enjoy the live fountain show. Dubai spreads beauty with its view; why do we stop to see the beautiful scenery of Dubai? The Dubai fountain gives us a reason to visit Dubai. To get a picture of the Dubai fountain, you can experience this wonder with a closer view through the Dubai fountain lake ride. It is worth watching.

There are various ride options available in desert safari. Enjoy a bumpy camel ride on a safari in Dubai. You can take a jeep safari ride at varying speeds over dunes. You can also take a motorbike ride; the tour operators instruct you how to use it here. One thing that also excites you is the sandboarding you can try here riding at the dune, which gives you a fantastic experience snowboarding at the dune.

A wonder you never visit, like the Emirates A380 plane covered with flowers and plants. You can get a fantastic view of the Miracle garden like a floral clock, Disney avenue, a heart passage, a big teddy bear and many more. You can see all of the wonders in one place in Miracle Garden. One of the most popular things in Miracle Garden is Getting pictures inside the Hearts passage.

What to say about Burj Kalifa? What can you do here? You know it is the tallest building in the world, then who will miss this incredible place? Let’s enjoy the night dinner at the world’s tallest building rooftop and tell the experience after you get there. Here we can enjoy the incredible view of Dubai.

Who will not want to see the Dinosaur Skeleton, a 155-million-year-old? Every tourist visits it if he goes to Dubai Mall. An incredible zoo that may never be seen, “an underwater zoo”. A great thing to visit in Dubai Mall is the underwater zoo offering a memorable journey into ocean life. With a careful design, this mall allows us to see them face to face to make our special moments with family or partners.

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