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What You Need To Know About Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating

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  • Thursday, 23rd Sep 2021
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When you build a new house or a new office, ensure upgraded gadgets and technologies then why not upgrade flooring? Epoxy concrete floor coating is an upgrade in the flooring industry. It took to cover the entire market of floor coating over the years. Especially in this era of intelligent work, epoxy concrete floor coating is the first choice of contractors. Knowing a few things about the product will be better if you wish to coat your flooring with epoxy. This article will help you understand the epoxy floor coating advantages, characteristics and more

Description Of Epoxy Floor Coating

Whether it’s residential, industrial, or commercial flooring, contractors and clients these days rely on epoxy. People often hear this term before and during construction, but it may not always be possible to know what epoxy concrete floor coating is for clients. Therefore, if you want to coat your concrete floor with epoxy, it’s better to know some basic details about the product.

Epoxy concrete floor coating is a floor coating system that contains all the essential things. However, the system has two parts, one of which is a part A resin, and the second one is a Part B hardener. Floor coating requires a lot of necessary materials to be strong enough. Therefore, a floor coating can be a good option for various applications only when it consists of specialty additives such as UV inhibitors, adhesion promoters, flow control, etc. Since epoxy concrete floor coating contains all these specialty additives, it provides a desirable performance on every application.

Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating

Characteristics Of Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating

  • Epoxy concrete floor coating is highly resistant to chemicals
  • Viscosity is either higher or lower
  • It has increased resistance to abrasion
  • Provides more rapid cure
  • It is possible to achieve a unique floor aesthetic with epoxy concrete floor coating. You can add glitters, pigments, quartz, vinyl flakes, and other decorative additives to the epoxy floor resin.
  • You can make a more durable and thick epoxy coating with the same resin. All you need is to add multiple types of aggregate sand blends.
  • The epoxy coating ensures a non-slip flooring texture.

Advantages Of Epoxy Coating

  • Affordable: Epoxy concrete floor coating is an affordable flooring option. Revamping the old flooring system and installing the new tyle costs a lot. So if you have a budget, whether it’s flooring a new place or replacing an old flooring system, epoxy is the most affordable option. The best part is that the epoxy concrete floor coating system does not require removing the previous flooring system.
  • Quick to apply: If you are not happy with your existing concrete floor, hire a contractor to provide you a smooth, shiny, non-slip base in your budget. It requires a few coats of epoxy resin coating and a few days to dry out the floors.
  • Damage and scratch resistant: Epoxy concrete floor coating is a heavy coating. Whether you use to coat the floor of your garage, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, it will resist all kinds of shock. The high resistance characteristic makes it a demanding floor coating option. You can drag heavy furniture on it; there will be no marks or damage. It is resistant to harmful elements, shock, heat, water, fire, etc.


If you want tough flooring, you don’t need to spend all your money on it. Instead, finding a contractor who can provide you with Epoxy concrete floor coating is all you need. Epoxy flooring will last longer and you can install it at a very cheap rate as well and it can be installed quickly.


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