When you have a lice infestation, you are very tempted to scratch your head in public and do everything to get rid of them. Treating the head lice with prescribed medications is recommended, but people often hesitate to use these medicinal shampoos or oils on their hair as they might not be suitable for your hair for a long time. Even if you have tried every cream, shampoo, and lotion, sometimes they don’t show much effect. The most natural treatment is the use of essential oils. Essential oils can help you get rid of the infestation and even prevent lice from taking over. They have antimicrobial properties that would suffocate the louse and even prevent further infestations. Essential oils help to kill the lice and the eggs. Eucalyptus, Thyme, Rosemary, Tea Tree and Ashwagandha oil are some essential oils that will help you get rid of these lice and their eggs. With the benefits and utilization of essential oils, get additional advantages to your scalp. These essential oils assist in improving blood circulation on the scalp and keep it healthy. 



Tea Tree Essential Oil is beneficial for hair in every aspect. It has powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial qualities that can kill head lice. It also soothes sensitive scalps and replaces the natural texture by deeply mending them. Apply tea tree essential oil blended with any carrier oil to your scalp and wash it off after 30 minutes.


Thyme oil has a good amount of oxides and phenols that can kill head lice. This oil is also rich in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help cure rashes on the scalp lice infestation. Use it by mixing it with a coconut carrier oil, keep it for an hour, comb your hair with a lice comb, and then wash it away.


Eucalyptus has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial quality and is also a powerful disinfectant that reduces inflammation and soothes wounds and scalp infections. If you have lice, add a few drops of oil to your regular chemical-free shampoo, keep on your scalp for 20 minutes, and then wash it normally. 


Rosemary oil helps relieve scalp itching caused by lice. Head lice infestation is reduced by its chemical properties. This oil also restores the natural moisture in the scalp. You can use it by combining 2-3 drops with olive oil and applying them all over the hair, and after a few hours, wash it normally.

In addition, you can also try Clove oil, cinnamon leaf oil or Civet oil online to get rid of lice problem. You can create your own oil at home using single or a combination of different essential oils. This will not only help tackle problem of lice, but will also help get rid of itchy scalp and keep it healthy.

How to use Essential oils for Head Lice

You can either create a hair rinse by mixing water, alcohol and essential oils. Another way is use an oil mask by mixing essential oils with carrier oil like coconut or olive oil. You can also mix few drops of essential oil with your shampoo and cleanse your scalp. 


Essential oil is a healthier alternative for treating head lice, as chemical medication can damage your hair. Essential oils get rid of lice with their insecticidal and antimicrobial properties and have many benefits besides treating lice. It strengthens hair and provides the nutrients required. You should always dilute the oil with coconut or olive oil before using it, as they are highly concentrated and can cause certain complications on your scalp. Always buy from a reputable source. If you do not notice any improvement, you should contact your dermatologist for better suggestions and treatment.

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