Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Tools Small Businesses Should Utilize

Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Tools Small Businesses Should Utilize

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  • Tuesday, 19th Oct 2021
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Available free tools and resources online are like a pot of gold for small businesses. It’s helpful, powerful, and accessible. And for small businesses with inadequate resources, finding digital marketing tools that can help you achieve a successful campaign with the automated task is a huge help.

What’s more, it’s just there, and it’s a click away. So, what else are you waiting for, right? You have nothing to lose. That’s where you are wrong. You need to be cautious when using free digital marketing tools. Some of these pitfall traps will ask for your information and send you endless sales spam despite promising details upfront.

As such, we have assembled a reliable list of the top 10 free digital marketing tools for small businesses!

MailChimp – Email Marketing Tool

Email Marketing is one of the top digital marketing efforts with the highest return on investments. It helps you reach your current customers and update them on your company, services, and products.
MailChimp is one of the most reliable and free digital marketing tools. It offers powerful campaign-building functions. Its free plan includes up to 2,000 subscribers, and lets users send up to 12,000 emails a month. In addition, it provides the following features:

  • Easy to edit email design template
  • Sign-up forms
  • A/B Testing
  • List management with segmenting options
  • Report Analytics with Click-Through Rates
  • Third-Party App Integration
  • Autoresponder

Google Analytics – Website Analytics

Google Analytics is a free marketing analytics tool by Google that provides an in-depth report on your website. It allows users to understand customers’ behavior, experience, website functionality, and more. In addition, Google Analytics will enable you to:

  • Identify pages that are performing worst and best
  • Detect products or pages that convert best
  • Gain insight on what device is used when visiting your website.
  • Track Website Visitors profile with demographics, interest, and behavior

Google My Business – Local Citation Tool

Google My Business is a free digital marketing tool introduced by Google that helps your business presence stay updated on Google Search and Map. This digital marketing platform is easy to use and supports the organization to manage their business information across Google. In addition, it makes it easier for customers to find your business and tell their experience. Similarly, users can also:

  • Respond to inquiries, messages, and reviews from customers
  • Share updates and photos on sales and events
  • Understand how customers find and interact with your business.

KWFinder – Keyword Finder

KWFinder is a free content marketing tool mainly used for keyword research and search marketing. It allows users to generate keywords for both SEO and PPC advertising campaign creation. This tool helps by providing keywords based on their search volume, estimated cost per click in PPC, keyword difficulty, and KD index. In addition, it offers the following features:

  • Find hidden Long Tail Keywords with low difficulty
  • Easy keyword organization using a keyword list
  • Google Suggest Keyword Search
  • Filter Keywords
  • Search Volume and Keyword Metric
  • Import Keywords in Bulk
  • SERP Analysis

Ahrefs – Search Engine Optimization Tool

Ahrefs is probably one of the most popular digital tools used by marketers worldwide. It offers a comprehensive range of digital marketing solutions like backlink checker, SEO Analysis, Keyword Research, Rank Tracker, SEO web design tips, and more. Many digital marketers find Ahrefs better than another SEO tool as it provides concise analytics and data. This tool, however, might be a little bit steep for small businesses. The standard versions cost $179 per month.

Despite that, Ahrefs also offers tons of free tools that can be used such as:

  • Free Keyword Generator that provides thousands of relevant keyword ideas
  • SERP Checker that analyzes the top 10 ranking keywords in any country
  • Backlink Checker
  • Website Authority Checker

Canva – Graphic Design

Canva is another free digital marketing tool that small businesses can utilize on their digital campaigns. This free design tool has more than 30 million users in over 190 countries. It’s incredibly user-friendly and valuable for creating simple graphic designs for newbies and non-designer users. It offers vast graphics, templates, fonts, and more. Small businesses can use this free tool in generating creative marketing ideas.

In addition, it has the following features:

  • Real-Time Collaboration that allows users to edit a design at once
  • Mobile and Desktop user-friendly platforms
  • Drag and drop feature when inserting images, shapes, and text
  • More than 50,000 editable templates
  • Photo editing with photo filters, basic cropping, and textures
  • Free photos, vectors, and other designs.

Hootsuite – Social Media Management Tool

Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are essential for small businesses. It allows them to stay present digitally and introduce their products and services to a wide range of potential customers. However, managing these platforms take a considerable amount of time, coordination, and research. You need to plan, brainstorm, write, design, and schedule your posts. Not to mention you need to also engage with your fans and followers.

Hootsuite is a free digital marketing tool that helps users handle their social media platforms in all one place. It allows social media managers to handle simple tasks like curate content, schedule posts, manage members, and more. Its dashboard is easy to navigate, with an added walkthrough to help users familiarize themselves with the layout and features.

The basic version of Hootsuite provides significant capabilities, including:

  • Immediate publish content
  • Schedule Posts
  • Like, Comment, and Share posts within the dashboard
  • Monitor feeds
  • Integrate third-party apps
  • Basic analytics and report

Asana – Project Management Software

Asana is a free digital marketing management tool designed to help improve work management and team collaboration. This app allows employees to organize their tasks, stay on track, and hit deadlines. This app offers cool features like project progress, individual tasks markups, team sprints, and other tools for team management.

This application offers a free version that provides the following:

  • Collaborate with up to 15 members
  • Create projects and Tasks
  • Dispense tasks to team members
  • Free project template
  • View projects in different ways like calendar, list, or board view
  • Accessible on mobile and PC
  • Create different Account types
  • Integrate with third-party apps

Grammarly – Content Creation Tool

One of the most popular issues small businesses face on their digital marketing journey is creating content that works. That’s why relying on a content marketing tool is necessary to minimize mistakes and create an effective digital marketing campaign.

When creating blogs or copies, it’s usual for marketers to encounter at least a few mistakes in their grammar, whether its readability or spelling. And unless you are a grammar guru or have an editor in your team, having a grammar tool might help you.

Grammarly is a free proofreading tool online that helps writers with their grammar, spelling, style, sentence structure, and more. This tool works with different apps like Microsoft Office, Browsers, and even on Google Docs. In addition, the application is available both on Desktop and Mobile.

The free version of Grammarly includes

  • Basic Grammar Check
  • Limited number of plagiarism checks
  • Spelling
  • Basic Content improvement.

Answer The Public – Blog Topic Research

Finding topics that can help bring traffic to your website can be a tedious task. You need to understand your customers and relate to them. You need to measure its SEP potential, volume, and difficulty. For a small business, content brainstorming can take their already limited time that can be spent on other essential tasks.

Answer the Public is a valuable content tool that can help with their content marketing needs. It’s a free digital marketing tool that allows content marketers to discover tremendous and unique topics based on keywords and customer use.

It works like a search engine where you type in a keyword and show you relevant topics to your keyword. In addition, it offers the following:

  • Customizable results – data or visualization to match your needs
  • Nice graphics
  • Savable reports


To conclude, these are just a few free marketing software for small businesses available online. You can find more reliable and robust tools that can help you jump-start a solid digital marketing strategy without worrying about endangering your data.

Just remember that before signing up, research the tool to check its features and reviews. These free digital marketing tools will surely help you bring the best out of your business no matter what your goals are.


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