G’day, mates! Keeping your Aussie abode squeaky clean is not just about impressing your mates during barbies. A tidy home is happy; you need the proper cleaning essentials. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the must-have items for basic house cleaning in Melbourne. You can maintain a spotless home effortlessly, from powerful equipment to eco-friendly products. So, grab your Vegemite sandwich and let’s dive in!

1: House Cleaning Tools That Pack a Punch

To start your cleaning journey, you’ll need various tools that help you quickly tackle every nook and cranny. Invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner to eliminate pesky dust and allergens from carpets and floors. A cordless handheld vacuum can be handy for quick clean-ups, especially in the kitchen and living room.

Next, you’ll need a sturdy mop and bucket to conquer those hard floors. Opt for a microfiber mop that can trap dirt and grime, leaving your feet spotless. Remember to grab a few scrub brushes, sponges, and microfiber cloths for wiping surfaces and scrubbing away tough stains.

2: Eco-Friendly Domestic Cleaning Products for a Green Clean

Now that you’ve sorted your tools talk about gentle Domestic Cleaning products for your home and the environment. Aussies are all about sustainability, so choose eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaners that won’t harm your family or furry friends.

Stock up on all-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, and disinfectants free from harsh chemicals. Look for products labelled with the Environmental Choice Australia logo to ensure you’re eco-conscious. Necessary oils like tea tree, eucalyptus, and lemon myrtle can also be used to create your DIY cleaning solutions.

3: Trash Bags and Recycling Bins: Keeping It Tidy

House Cleaning in Melbourne routine is complete without proper waste management. Invest in durable trash bags that can handle the daily load of rubbish. Be sure to separate recyclables from non-recyclables, and keep a recycling bin handy in your kitchen for easy disposal.

To ensure your bins stay fresh and odour-free, sprinkle baking soda at the bottom before adding a new bag. You can also use compostable liners for your kitchen compost bin, contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

4: Storage Solutions: Declutter and Organize

A cluttered home is stressful, and Aussies value simplicity and order. Invest in storage solutions like baskets, shelves, and storage bins to organize your belongings. Sort your belongings regularly and donate or recycle items you no longer need.

Having a designated spot for everything keeps your home neat and saves you time when cleaning. A clutter-free environment is essential for your Aussie haven’s positive and relaxed atmosphere.

5: Personalized Touches: Making Your Home Shine

Now that you’ve covered the essentials, it’s time to add some personalized touches to make your Melbourne home shine. Invest in indoor plants to bring a touch of nature and improve air quality. Fresh flowers in a vase can instantly brighten up any room and bring a pop of color.

Don’t forget to dust off and clean your treasured – family heirlooms, Aussie souvenirs, and cherished photographs. Regularly rotate your décor items to keep your space feeling fresh and inviting.


In conclusion, House Cleaning in Melbourne requires powerful tools, eco-friendly products, efficient waste management, and intelligent storage solutions. Incorporating these essentials into your cleaning routine creates a clean and organized Aussie haven that’ll impress your mates and make you feel at home.

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