How to Cope with On Site Learning Post Pandemic

How to Cope with On Site Learning Post Pandemic?

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  • Thursday, 7th Oct 2021
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Life as we know it has changed drastically with the pandemic at our heels. No one was quipped to imagine an era where the social animal would be forced to distance itself and survive only on the premise of being able to stay away from its peers. While the CoVid 19 pandemic made sure that there were some effective changes that we employed in our daily lives, we all perhaps leaned on technology a little too soon in order to cope with everything that befell over us.

A small example would be the education system. The pandemic wasn’t a short lived one. It started in the year 2019 and has been wrathful over almost 2 years now. During this time, while there was a learning curve towards being able to establish a proper routine, people learned how to cope with various changes that have now been deemed the new normal.

Online education saw a whole new era of independence. As more and more schools and coaching centres completely offered online education and virtual classrooms as a new option to facilitate education, parents, students and teachers alike learnt to trust technology by relying on offsite learning.

But what about the post CoVid 19 world. As the pandemic was reaching somewhere around its half-life, cabin fever was high and people just wanted to get over with this situation. Everyone longed for the day when things could get back to the old and familiar sense of normal rather than the new normal. However, as normalcy is slowly trying to perambulate back into our lives, strangely coping with the old techniques of offsite learning might seem to be a challenging task now.

For over a year now, Australians have continuously tried to adapt to the needs of online and remote classrooms. With multiple software and digital teaching tools coming up, it has surely been an undulating ride for many. However, the prospect of beginning school all of a sudden may seem to be a little overwhelming for most people.

This is why; our team has curated a list of some of the tips from educators and psychologists across Australia that you can employ to ensure that your transition back to on site learning is as smooth as possible.

Slow But Sure

The first thing that one must understand when it comes to resuming on site learning post pandemic is that it will certainly not be an overnight change. It will not be like one fine day you wake up and you are asked to take your kids to school because it’s opening just like that.

There will be a gradual shift where most likely schools will resume with a cap on the number of working hours. So, don’t expect to go full scale right in the beginning. In all likelihood, some classes will be held online and just a couple of them (perhaps the ones that require a more hands on approach) will be done in the classroom.

While this transition is going to be a slow one, it is sure to happen because regardless of the new techniques that have been introduced during this phase, many subjects and fields definitely require close monitoring.

Top Tips to Approach On Site Learning

Keep An Open Mind

These times have been extremely stressful with the constant fear of contagion and possible death looming over our heads constantly. However, education has to continue because that contributes directly towards building a stronger nation. In spite of all the hardships, this has also been the time for updating the curriculum and using online learning as a perfect medium to incorporate the new syllabus.

However, with on site learning starting again, it may be difficult to impart knowledge regarding the new curriculum using offline tools. The system, the teachers and the management will definitely take a while to sort this out. All you need to do is worry less and cooperate with the teaching staff by keeping a level head and an open mind. Remember, what is happening to you, is also happening to thousands of other Australians.

Continue to Practice Hygiene

One of the biggest challenges of reimagining on site learning is that the threat of the contagion is far from over and the meticulousness required to keep safe is a little too much to ask from very young kids. Children have a habit of touching different surfaces, and putting their hands in their mouths or even rubbing their faces, all of these habits can lead to the spread of the virus.

This is where; the role of a parent as well as teachers will increase. Every adult will have to continuously monitor and reiterate the importance of practicing hygiene, regularly sanitize and wash hands and also make sure that children maintain social distancing.

Get Organized

It is important to make sure that you stay organized. With the habit of waking up late and just popping up on your laptops and other devices, it might seem to be a bit of an ordeal to get into a cycle of proper timeline where in you are expected to reach school at a fixed time and only leave at a fixed one. The only way to cope with this situation is to make sure that you organize your time table and make sure that you are not frantically looking for things right at the end moment.

Take A Break

There is no denying that dealing with so many things all at once with the perpetual threat of a contagion (even though it is subsiding) looming over our heads can be terrifying and stressful. It is important to pay attention to your mental health as much as it is important to ensure that you stay safe physically.

Whenever things seem to get unruly and overbearing, take a break. Unwind for a while and even seek assistance if need be. Getting help at the right time to help you deal with a lot of things will go a long way in ensuring that as you ride the onsite education horse once again, there are no chances for you falling off.


On the whole, change of any kind can be intimidating at first. Just like starting online education was a cumbersome and scary process for all Australians and students worldwide, reimagining a space where on site learning is once again normal can be daunting. One has to make sure that they focus on staying safe, approach every new change with an open mind and stay organised. Everything else will fall in place for sure.


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