Do you need to ship but don’t know how to ship a car? Whether you’re moving country to country, or across the country, or just car transport Brisbane to Townsville, a few hundred miles away, it’s important to consider your car shipping service options, an important factors that impact shipping costs and top-rated transporters like P & S Logistics is to ensure your shipment is easy and stress-free.

Pricing For Ship a Car

Price is varying under different factors


Car logistics between two major cities may be cheaper than transporting between smaller cities and towns. Most carriers cover these routes. The distance of the drop-off location will naturally affect the price of the auto transport company as the distance will be a large price increase. It could cost less than $800 to ship within the state or for the East Coast, but the shipment could easily top $1600 if you ship a car across the country.

Vehicle Size

Larger cars take up more space in the container and heavier cars make more cargo weight, making them more expensive for transportation.


Some people transport their cars in winter, so shipping charges may be lower then. But winter could also affect the arrival time at your home. The container could get stuck in bad weather, or the roads may be closed in critical weather situations.

Be Ready to Wait

Shipping a car isn’t the same as shipping a package, it won’t happen within a night. Car transport Australia has a time taken procedure which is roughly a four-week window from when your car is picked up to when it will arrive at a given destination. Car shipping international deliveries will take more time than interstate deliveries. Car shipping won’t always take that long time as per distance and weather conditions, but the auto transport companies need some leeway in case the shipment runs into any issues along the way.

Closed vs. Open Auto Transport Carrier

Open car transport from Melbourne to cairns is the less expensive process to ship a car, but your vehicle will be open to the elements and any refuse that may fly in the path of the truck. A covered auto transport provides you with the most protection from a lot of factors, but the average price is roughly 30% more. Enclosed carriers are often used to ship high-value or classic car transportation since they offer better protection.

Ready for shipping

Thoroughly clean your car and take photographs: After getting a car transport instant quote Shipping time arrives, before shipping your car, you should wash its exterior and make a deep clean of the car’s interior. Now the car is to clean and wash your car before it’s about to spend hundreds of miles on Australian highways and roads, it’s a good way to ensure that any type of damage that occurred during the shipping process, though unlikely, is properly documented. Once you’ve washed and cleaned your car, you should take extensive photographs of the interior and exterior as proof that your car’s condition was so pretty.

Document of existing damages and make empty of your car: So, you are transporting through a leading Car transport company they are not to try to go out any responsibility on dents, dings, and minor windshield cracks. As far as cleaning and documenting the inside of your car, this is much more of a precautionary measure in case someone climbs into the cab of your car and messes with things that damage. This is also a good time to take any valuables from the car, be it should be paperwork or important items you’re keeping in the glovebox.

Gas tank about a quarter full: In the final days of shipping leading up to handing your car off to the shippers, you should get your gas tank down to about a quarter tank full. It would be enough gas for the inevitable Moving around of cars load and unload the truck at each stop, but also not too full, as the added weight of a full tank of gas would weigh down the load and cause the truck to have worse gas mileage.

Keys handed over to the driver: Finally, when you take off your car to the shipper, you should hand over a set of keys to the driver and make key counts in the documents. Ideally, you might be multiple sets and can give the driver your spare key so that you have another one for safety. Regardless of whether it’s an extra or the only key you own, you’re going to have to hand over a key so that the driver can do the inevitable shuffling around of cars with each pickup and drop off. Hurrah! you have no need to show any proof of ownership when you present the car over to the truck driver, so don’t worry about your title or registration where you belong. Is anyone standing there with the set of keys and willing to sign the Bill of Lading so shippers can ship it?

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