Many hair removal techniques are getting popular these days as people are opting for smoother, glowing and hair-free skin. Let’s have a look at one of the numerous treatments like IPL Hair Removal Melbourne.

Get The Concept First!

Normally, people have a love-hate relationship with hair removal. Most men do not care about their hair-free skins but women are really careful about their skin. Although it is a very painful, expensive and tedious process. Generally, there are few common techniques for the hair removal process which are; waxing, lasers, shaving, IPL Hair removal Melbourne or hair removal cream.

How is IPL Hair removal Melbourne performed then?

Let’s talk about the procedure called IPL Hair Removal, now. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light technology which applies very gentle pulses of light to the roots of the hair. So basically, it makes the hair go into the default phase of resting, the hair will stop growing and overall growth will be stopped in the long term.

Why should you go for IPL Hair removal Melbourne though?

The biggest benefit of this process is that the smoothness of the skin lasts longer than any other process of hair removal. It has been proven that after just four sessions of treatment, one can get freedom from the hair. IPL Hair removal is not just limited to legs; the smart curved attachments allow us to reach and safely treat any of the body parts including any of the body parts. In short, the Hair removal Melbourne will replace the old techniques like shaving, waxing etc in near future. Another benefit of this method is that it saves up a lot of time compared to other methods. According to users, it takes only 5 minutes to perform on both arms and 10 minutes for both legs.

 Let’s see how this procedure actually works.

IPL Hair removal Melbourne is dependent on the pigment present in our hair cells. This pigment is responsible for the colour of our skins. This melanin pigment will help to absorb the light from the flashes of the treatment and will help to stimulate it to go to its default phase of resting, so one will get smooth and hair-free skin.

Here are the steps for IPL Hair removal treatment and it is really simple that anyone can do it by self with a little bit of efforts.

Going to the Details…

Start by shaving or waxing the area a day before, where you want to remove the hair. Next, opt for the perfect light intensity for your skin tone. Turn the handset on and wait for it to perform its task and move according to the spots.

Normally, it will take less than 10 minutes to perform this process if you want to do it on your lower legs. For better results, one can perform IPL Hair removal Melbourne every two weeks for the first four sessions and minor touch ups every four to eight weeks.

After performing this procedure, few people might find the skin tone of the treated area a little bit pink or red which might last 4 to 8 hours.

How Much Does IPL Hair Removal Melbourne cost?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of IPL in Melbourne starts from $100, yet it always depends on other factors too. If we think for the longer term, this method is one of the most cost-efficient methods for hair removal.

It also depends on the following factors:

  • The number of treatments required
  • The growth of the hair
  • The targeted area of the skin

Does IPL Hair Removal Melbourne have any side effects?

Most people find this therapy safer compared to chemical therapy as it is safe and less painful. According to experts, there are no long-term health risks related to this ritual. Still, one should to take advice from their dermatologist.

So, if we compare the laser treatment and IPL, one should definitely opt for the IPL Hair Removal Melbourne treatment. Though, both methods’ basic principle is same but the cost efficiency and the overall maintenance is way much convenient when we think about the IPL treatment as we only need the handset, On the other hand the Laser treatment is way much costlier and it requires an expert’s watch, which is too much time consuming as well as less reliable.



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