Modern Ideas for House Renovations in Melbourne

Modern Ideas for House Renovations in Melbourne

  • By Optbetter
  • Monday, 11th Oct 2021
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You keep looking and looking and you never find what you want because you want something absolutely unique, something unconventional and far from traditional styles! Most catalogues, magazines, bloggers etc keep talking about the same things over and over again. But we are here to help you with some truly unique tips for home styling in Melbourne.

Wall Tiling

Floor tiling is very common and has been done for a really long time by home owners. Wall tiling on the other hand is a new trend. You may think that wall tiling looks good in the bathroom but for living room and bedroom, will it be a good idea? The answer is- absolutely! All you have to consider is what colour and ensign of the tiles you are choosing. You could go with mosaic or glass mosaic or italian tiling styles. There are many many other options to choose from as well. Wall tiling is recommended for three reasons:

  • It looks beautiful and unique
  • It gives the room a very modern and luxurious look
  • It makes the cleaning really easy and effective

Hence, do not hesitate to get wall tiling in Melbourne for bedroom, living room, work room, work out room, children’s room and every other space that you may have in your home.

Ditch Coffee Table Base

Four or three legged coffee tables have gotten really old, right? What you can do is get a glass plate and put it upon piles of books. You can also use a clay pot or ceramic pot to put the surface plate on. Last but not least you can use polished various shaped wooden boxes or blocks to put the surface plate on. Be careful while setting it all up and make sure the foundation is set well and will not cause the surface plate to fall and break, crack or get damaged.

You can also go for unique coffee table designs such as a wood log with a surface made functional. Besides wood, you can also opt for glass or such materials which allows you to go for absolutely unique and aesthetically pleasing designs!

Floor Sitting

In some cultures, floor sitting has been very normal. Instead of a table and chair, multipurpose mattresses are laid on the floor and then the space is decorated with various art pieces. Not to forget the pillows and rugs. Floor sitting in a huge bedroom or even in your main living room can make your guests give a very unique impression of your House Renovations Melbourne tastes and skills. To make it comfortable, you can make a habit of taking off your footwear whenever you step on the rug and enter the area of sitting. This will also help you keep your rug and everything else much cleaner.

Daybed Couches

Daybed couches are similar to floor sitting, only they are relatively higher from the floor. The daybed couch is excellent when it comes to multi-functionality. These couches can be used to sit upon by you and your guests. And the very same couches can also be used to take a quick nap or lay down for a while when you are too exhausted and can’t gather courage to get to bed right away.


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