What Are Moissanite Engagement Rings And Why Are They Trending?

What Are Moissanite Engagement Rings And Why Are They Trending?

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  • Monday, 23rd May 2022
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A few years ago, you may not have heard of moissanite engagement rings, but they are quickly becoming a highly popular choice of engagement ring. What exactly are moissanite engagement rings? Are they a good option to consider when purchasing an engagement ring? Here’s everything you need to know about this gorgeous gemstone and why it’s trending in the world of jewelry!

The Beauty Of Moissanite

Moissanite engagement rings have become an increasingly popular choice in wedding jewelry over recent years. As more people discover these stunning gems, it seems that their popularity is only going to continue to grow. Before you commit to a different stone or metal, read on to discover what makes Moissanite so special. You might be surprised! The reason behind its growing popularity isn’t just because of its unique look; Moissanite Engagement Rings offer some great benefits for those who want something a little different from traditional diamonds. The gemstone has been around since 1893 when Nobel Prize-winning scientist Henri Moissan discovered minute quantities of silicon carbide in rocks at high temperatures and pressures.

How Hard Is Moissanite To Detect?

Some people don’t want to get married unless their partner has a specific type of jewelry. This includes having an engagement ring, wedding ring, and earrings. However, for those that aren’t rich or even financially stable, purchasing these pieces of jewelry can be very difficult. This is especially true if a person wants to purchase all three sets. But now thanks to Moissanite Earrings and Moissanite wedding bands there is an alternative to using precious metals like platinum, silver, gold and rose gold for those who don’t have much money or just simply doesn’t want to spend much money on their jewelry. Also because moissanites have been around since 1998 most jewelers know how to spot them from diamonds which makes it harder for someone trying to scam you into thinking your fake diamond is real.

The Cost Of Moissanite Versus Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But not always. Moissanite engagement rings or Moissanite wedding bands might be what you’re looking for, especially if you’re on a budget but want that look of a diamond without sacrificing quality or beauty. The cost of moissanite vs diamonds is typically much lower than comparable cuts in diamonds, making it easy to make a big purchase without racking up credit card debt. What makes them so gorgeous? Their sparkle! When properly cut, polished and set into jewelry, these gemstones rival those found in much more expensive gemstones such as diamonds and sapphires. Plus, because there’s little need for special care when using moissanite instead of diamonds, your engagement ring will last longer.

As with all gemstones, proper care is essential; however, since moissanites aren’t affected by body fluids like many other gemstones (such as topaz), they’re quite durable and less likely to require professional cleaning over time. However long your relationship lasts (and we hope it’s forever!), you can rest assured knowing that your Moissanite Earrings will remain beautiful throughout all stages.

Customer Reviews

To begin with, Moissanite is naturally brilliant in appearance. Moissanite engagement rings also tend to be substantially less expensive than diamond equivalents of similar style and quality. It’s also worth mentioning that most people prefer a variety of gemstones other than diamonds as wedding bands, so Moissanite Wedding Bands will appeal to many customers on both counts. With these facts in mind, it’s easy to see why more and more jewelers are beginning to include Moissanite jewelry on their websites or shop floors. The popularity of ring styles like halo settings will likely help promote sales even further. Overall, consumers are looking for stylish pieces that fit their budgets, which makes Moissanite an obvious choice for jewelers eager to boost profit margins.

One factor working against Moissanite engagement rings, however, is a common perception that fake stones aren’t real enough for some people. This sentiment may cause some brides-to-be to avoid such items altogether. If you’re interested in including Moissanite rings in your inventory, make sure you can back up your claims of authenticity with scientific proof and point out any small imperfections before customers notice them themselves. Even if you don’t have any first-hand experience selling Moissanite products yet, there’s no reason not to start considering how best to capitalize on current trends now. With continued interest from consumers over time, including at least one line of such items could prove very profitable indeed!


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