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Bursting the various myths about website designing

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  • Friday, 30th Jul 2021
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When people hear of a website designing service, the first thing that comes to mind is vibrant colors and attention-grabbing fonts. Website designing services work diligently to bust the common myths regarding website designing and prove that the field can provide much more valuable services and ideas. 

While website designing does focus on creating a favorable appearance for a website, its boon-filled services are not just limited to looks and pomps. It also focuses heavily on navigation and how a site is obtainable bewildered to designing aspects. 

When a site does not have portable and related content, what importance does the design serve? If you liked what you read, continue reading as we present to you the top myths about website designing that people believe.

It need not be mobile-friendly

One of the top myths regarding website development services is destabilizing its importance on mobile phones. Half of the population uses phones over laptops, and it is worth noting that not everyone can afford bulky laptops for work purposes. 

When you build a website design, ensure without fail that it has the quality of being mobile responsive. Mobile responsive designs generate uncountable views and traffic and numerous potential leads and interested consumers. 

You would not want to take the risk of developing a design without mobile receptiveness, as it may seriously hamper the traffic growth in your website. If you wish to see some amazing mobile responsiveness websites that delight the eye, check out the website designing agency in Delhi and how stunningly they include design that complements mobile screens.

All about attraction

We do not deny that a website design should include vibrant colors and fonts to lure consumers, but the boons of website designing are not limited to only a single aspect. Website designing is obligated to generate effective navigation techniques that help consumers find the preferred product and service without scratching heads. 

It also includes strong CTA verbs and sentences that drive consumers into trying out your services. It includes informational and neat content that serves the purpose of brand building. The shipshape organization of information and neat display o navigation techniques is the main principles of a website design.

Pictures will serve the purpose

The inclusion of images and videos is necessary for a website design, but we cannot expect images and videos exclusively to do the trick. Images and videos promote strong visual and fantasy cues in the minds of consumers but may lack the in-depth information required for decision-making. 

Keeping your content minimalistic and non-dreary goes a long way in generating probable leads. When you provide solitary preference to stock photos, you tend to forget other important aspects that go hand in hand. 

Stock photos must be included but do not forget to include your own company’s images instead of images that consumers are tired of seeing. Include high-quality images and ask for proficient help if you lack the skills of photography. A website designing agency includes images from their own company instead of clutters of stock photos.

Home page is the king

The home page is useful in its way of apprehending attention and the first page observed by consumers. While homepages act as hospitable guests for consumers to smile and trust, they do not provide housing facilities and in-depth information with subpages. 

Yes, your homepage must be tempting and enticing but do not focus solely on designing the homepage and leaving subpages in the dark. 

Subpages provide trust and self-confidence to new consumers looking for information, so focus on designing both pages without any room for partiality. Marketing is not important

When you put in enormous amounts of hard work and determination for integrating website designs, what will be the purpose if it is not put forward to be discerned by consumers? You can’t expect expertise designing to serve all the purposes of generating views. 

There is no humiliation in taking help from marketing strategies to boost the position and status of your websites. Marketing goes hand in hand with website designing and does more harm than good. You can use many marketing techniques to promote your websites, such as email marketing, digital marketing and social media marketing. Email marketing is the most extensively accepted form of marketing for websites, but this depends on your personal preference and choices. A website designing company uses email marketing to showcase its hard work in the form of reminders.

Website should look the same on various browsers

Website designs don’t need to look the same on each browser. This is unmanageable to achieve and cannot be molded according to your likings. Each browser uses different coding procedures and layouts that alter the designs on a website. 

The differences noticed will be nominal and won’t hamper the hard work in the designing process you have rendered. Do not be afraid of a little change as this factor goes overlooked by consumers concerned with joining hands with your company instead of noticing negligible variations in designs.

Once a website is built, I need not touch it

This is a very risky and unsolicited myth that people believe and partake. It is obligatory to run checks on a website design to rule out errors and mistakes that go unobserved. The whole purpose lies in cross-checks and proofreads, so building a design and putting it forward without any modification is incorrect. You need to habitually update your content and navigation strategies according to the changes taking place in your company.


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