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Remarkable features of the Nexxt Kronos 301 Extender of WiFi Signal

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  • Monday, 16th Aug 2021
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The Nexxt Kronos 302 Extender extends the signals of wifi in large areas. It is based on the latest technology. Mostly, people use this device at home to spread the network of the internet in all corners of the home. The data transferring rate of this device is 300 Megabits per second. The company of this product gives warranty service for approximately 2 years. This is a wall mountain-designed product. It is very affordable. So, many people use this product to access the point of the network. This device was available on 7 November 2017. The installation of this device is very easy because the product has a power, reset, WAN/LAN, LAN, and WPS button. The reset button is on the back of the device.

To plug, this does not need to give support because this is very short and easily plugged into the switch. Sometimes, the extender doesn’t spread the signals of the internet so, at that time you must use the WPS button for the reconnection of the device. Here, I am going to talk about the features of the wireless extender in the below lines.

Features of the Nexxt Kronos 301 Extender

There are various features of the wireless extender. To commence with,

WiFi Signal Booster

This device spread the range of the internet into the dead and weak spots for coverage. Your range extender effectively extends the range of the wireless router.

Comfortable Design

The design of the device is made according to all types of switches. It easily fits into every switch of the home. This is made to know the condition of the environment.

Wireless-N Technology

This technology is working to connect the wireless connection to the device. It sends a speed of 300 megabits per second. It improves the courage of the access point. Wireless-n technology is mainly based on high technology and high compatibility.

All in one solution 3-in-1

The Nexxt Kronos 301 Extender works as three in one. It works as a universal repeater, wifi wireless router, and access point. This is only one product that provides three services with extending wifi signals.


The company of the extender provides a 2-year warranty service. If the extender is not working properly and it has some problem connecting the device. So, you replace it within the time period of 2 years. Some extend have a 5-year warranty but most companies give a 2-year warranty. Now, I am going to talk about operating the wifi extender beneath the lines.

Setup of the Nexxt Kronos 301 Extender

If you want to set up their device, please follow these instructions step by step.

To trigger with, how you connect your extender with a wireless connection. Firstly, turn ON your laptop and wifi on your laptop. Secondly, search the network in the inbox of wifi. Thirdly, you will see the name of the SSID is provided by the extender and you need to set their extender password. Take the Kronos 301 in your hand and see the MAC address of the device which is mentioned on the label of the device. And the label is attached to the side of the extender. Here you will find the password of your wifi extender that is provided by Kronos  301 in the network key. At last, select the network and connect your computer, smartphone, and laptop to it and it is done.

The password is given in the numeric term; 12345678. If you face any type of difficulty to set up their device.


The Nexxt Kronos 301 Extender is very excellent and has three special features: router, extender, and repeater. It is easily available in the market and affordable because this device is very short. My brother gifted this product on my birthday. First, I didn’t know about this device then I read about it on the internet. After that, I knew all the features of the extender. It works in three ways. I use it at my home and I controlled this device via the mobile app. I set the strong password of the device for security from any device interference. During the covid19 my relatives and my friend purchased this device. It increases the transferring speed of the device and it spreads the internet range to all corners of the home. I use data to sit in any room and any palace perfectly.


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