5 Benefits of Online Education During COVID-19

5 Benefits of Online Education During COVID-19

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  • Monday, 20th Sep 2021
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The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed education. And some say it has changed forever! While we cannot predict the accuracy of the latter opinion, we know one thing for sure, and that is the significant transformation education has undergone in recent times. One of the most impacting ones has been the shift to online learning. After the closure of schools, many believe online learning has helped save education and the sector in its entirety. Let us explore this aspect by taking a comprehensive look at the five benefits of online education during COVID-19.

How Online Education Helped During COVID-19

Continuation of Learning

No one was prepared for COVID when it initially struck. So, the first few months were chaotic. Schools, students, parents, and the world otherwise were scared, confused, and in despair. But then, later on, everyone adapted to the situation and came up with alternatives in the form of online learning. It helped students continue learning without discontinuing it for a very long time. So, the pandemic disrupted routines in the beginning. However, with online learning, students resumed learning and kept in touch with education.

Retention of Teachers

The pandemic compelled the closure of schools across the globe. In situations like these, if it weren’t for online education, many schools could have shut down permanently, rendering hordes of teachers jobless. While many of them already did, online education saved many jobs and helped many schools retain teachers. Imagine millions of teachers becoming jobless in the absence of online education, further worsening the unemployment scenario!

The Emergence of Several New Edu-Tech Avenues

The online education sector strengthened during the pandemic, and it gave rise to a new business that’s facilitating online education. This newly born, or let us recently boosted sector aims to enhance the impact of online education through personalized learning, competitive assessments, perpetual access to educational content, effective and simplified learning through videos, etc.  As a result, these new players continue to support and improve virtual learning while adding a new dimension to the education sector.

Enhanced Students’ Safety

Online education has not only helped students continue with learning but also helped them stay safe at home. So, in a situation where social distancing is an essential requirement to stay safe, online learning proves a significant advantage and a way to follow the global general COVID safety guidelines.

Global Outreach

For some schools, educational institutions, colleges, etc., online learning enforced by the pandemic proved an opportunity to transcend borders and take education to places that were otherwise beyond their reach. Virtual learning has helped them promote and conduct courses across various countries, making them global education providers.

Now, speaking of Australia, while online learning has helped save education, are schools reopening soon? There’s work happening around it. For instance, according to Heath Direct, Western Australia has come up with some conditions.


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