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Polished Concrete Benefits In Long Term

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  • Thursday, 23rd Sep 2021
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Polished Concrete means is a high gloss or shiny surface that is made by using grinding machinery & equipment. Usually, in this process, the contractor uses these grinding machines for crushing and grinding concrete surfaces to finally give it a classic glossy look. These are very high lustrous floors along with classy smoothness.

Places, where Polished Concrete Surfaces are usually found, are below:

  • Private residencies or colonies
  • Showrooms associated with automobile industries or garments
  • Commercial & Official places
  • Restaurants & Hotels
  • Different types from small to big retail shops
  • Warehouses or any such outlets
  • Educational institutes
  • Malls & multiplexes

Advantages of Polished Concrete floors over other types of floors are enumerated below:

  • Classy look and elegance: Polished Concrete floors look classy and also eye-catchy. It attracts more visitors to commercial places. It gives a competitive edge in terms of footfalls and increases the brand value of your product
  • Cost-effective: Polished Concrete floors are cost-effective for both commercial and residential units. Slabs that are shiny can easily be laid and associated maintenance cost is also very minimal.
  • Easy and low cost of cleaning and maintenance: Concrete Polished floors can easily be cleaned using mops as it does not allow dust or dirt to settle easily. Occasional mopping with wet mop and cleaner will solve the issue.
  • A large variety of designs and colors: Concrete Polished floors can be carved out using multiple colors and designs. It is also available in different materials and qualities so one can adjust as per their needs and budget.
  • Moisture-free experience: Materials used in Polished Concrete makes it best as it does not allow any moisture to settle down due to high footfall and thus keeps it shiny and durable.
  • Brightness and glazy environment: These give brightness to the environment and the chips and slabs are shiny and thus light reflects all around. Commercial stores and places become attractive and beautiful.

One of the disadvantages of polished concrete is that these are a bit slippery and any negligence may result in serious injury. Therefore, below mentioned precautions are required in case you want to go for polished concrete

  1. Floors need to be free from any kind of greases, oils or water. Thus, frequent cleaning is needed as and when these are found on the floors. Any kind of stains or spills should never be ignored.
  2. Anti-slipping chemicals can be sprinkled which increases friction and avoid any kind of slips on the floors. These chemicals can easily be cleaned with a simple mopping of floors.
  • Sealer Coat can be applied on polished concrete as it has the property of anti-slip. It increases the friction and also is not visible to naked eyes. It maintains the beauty of the floors.

Steps of making Polished Concrete:

Existing coating if any needs to be removed.

  • Any kind of cracks and joints needs to be sealed using sealing materials.
  • Grinding is to be done using 30-40 grit diamonds followed by grinding of 80 grits metal diamonds.
  • In case, if the finer look is desired then it requires 150 grit metal diamonds.
  • Concrete needs to be subsequently hardened by using chemicals.
  • Then polishing the surface with 100 grit resin diamond followed by 400, then 800 and finally by 1500 or 3000 grit resin to make it shiny and attractive.

Therefore, we can conclude establishing that Polished Concrete floors can be carved by an experienced team of contractors and it is in great market demand owing to its finest look. Laying down this floor is cost-effective and also durable.


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