How do Optbetter collect the information?

We collect the customer’s/visitor’s identification information like their name, age, country or the location, IP Address and browser information and contact information including their contact number and email addresses. We also collect the information about the area of your interests.
By collecting this information, we identify the new users and the regular visitors and customise the website result accordingly.
We collect information that is provided by you only. If you change your mind afterwards and want us to delete your personal information, you can do so.

Use of cookies

Optbetter asks for the permission of storing cookies in your device to specify the website experience according to every individual. It helps us to present the relevant information that the user is interested in and is searching for.
Using cookies also helps to make the scrolling smooth, to track, personalise and store the user’s data by analysing their interests, likes and dislikes.
Users can always deny the cookie request that pops up on the screen if they don’t want their data to get stored and personalised website experience.

Do you have control over your data?

You have the total right to erase your information from our database. You can contact us anytime about your queries and questions. You can also update or modify the information. We would determine whether you’re the right person according to the data before making the decision. We also try to keep the process of controlling your data on our website simple for your convenient.

Is your data secure with us?

Yes, we ensure the total safety of your personal data and information. We do not sell or share this store database information to any third parties without your knowledge. We may share the database with our partners we are working with which we make sure stays safe.

Changes regarding the privacy policy

The privacy policy that is declared here can be modified, replaced or removed by optbetter authorities according to your needs. So make sure that you stay informed about the updates and changes of it. We suggest the users check out the privacy policy page before registration and allowing the consent.