The beautiful carpet in your living room will only stay beautiful if you get a regular and thorough cleaning done on your carpet. Your carpet does a lot for you, from bringing a significant increase to the aesthetic value of your indoor space to reducing health risks in your room.

Your carpet can make your indoor space look absolutely beautiful especially if you have chosen the kind of carpet that goes well with your wall paint color and other furniture’s shape, size and colors. Carpets really make a huge difference because they make an ordinary floor look well-designed and colorful.

In addition, carpets also contribute to your wellbeing and health by helping keep the air quality better by reducing the pollutants in the air. The carpet’s surface with fibers absorbs the dirt and dust in the air. Which reduces the dirt and dust in the air, the air that you inhale while breathing. It is because of the carpet that the air quality stays relatively safer and hygienic for you which helps you avoid various health issues. These health issues can vary from mild allergic reactions to severe asthma attacks. The dirt and dust in the air that you inhale have the potential to cause many diseases and issues such as allergies, infections, skin conditions and respiratory function complications, asthma attacks, dust mite allergies in case the carpet has been breeding dust mites if you haven’t had it professionally cleaned in a long time.

Vacuum the carpet

It is advised that you clean your carpet with a vacuum cleaner right before the professional cleaners arrive that you have employed to get professional cleaning services. This will clean the surface of the carpet and make it easier to clean the layers beneath the surface, for professional cleaners.

Apart from this, you should also regularly clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. This will keep the surface as clean as possible and avoid the health risks from getting high. Even before you get a professional cleaning, you should always be cleaning your carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

Last but not least, even after getting your carpet professionally cleaned, you should continue regular vacuum cleaning the carpet to maintain the thorough cleanliness of your carpet for as long as possible.

Wait until the carpet dries

When the professionals have cleaned the carpet with the carpet steam cleaning method, the carpet will not be dry right after the carpet is cleaned by professionals. It will take some time before the carpet is absolutely dry and ready to face the foot traffic again. If you don’t wait, the damp surface will get dirtier than before because the dirt and dust and other potential pollutants will easily get stuck on the wet fibers. And that means that the carpet will get dirty again right away. So always wait till the carpet is dry before you start walking on it.

Open up windows

The damp carpet needs airflow after getting cleaned with the steam cleaning method. To increase the ventilation and airflow to help the carpet breathe, you should open up windows and let the wind take care of the damp carpet. Open up all the windows in the room and let the fresh wind rush in.

Use fan

Opening up windows may not be enough as the wind speed is not guaranteed. Opening up windows may help with the room temperature depending on the season but you will also need proper air disturbance in the room to dry the carpet quickly. For this, you can use the fan. Turn the fan on and keep it at the highest speed possible and if the fan is close to the carpet or right above the carpet, it will help the carpet get dry really efficiently and quickly.

Watch your pet

Your pets may have been patiently waiting for the cleaning professionals to be done with the cleaning and give them their playground back which is the carpet. And they do not understand that the carpet needs some time to get dry. What you need to do is, keep your pet away from the carpet and for that, you need to watch them carefully so that they don’t sneak onto the recently cleaned carpet and make it dirty again and render the recently employed professional services pointless.

Watch your kids

Just like your pets, you also need to keep watch on your kids and make sure they don’t step onto the recently cleaned carpet. Kids can be messy and damp carpet can get not only dirty because of messy kids but can also get wrinkled.

Consult the professionals

Once the cleaning is done, you should ask the professionals and note down all the aftercare tips to make sure your carpet stays clean for as long as possible.

Turn Up the Heat

If you have an air heater at your home, turn up the heat and increase the temperature of your room, it will decrease the humidity and help the carpet get dry quicker.

Wait before moving the furniture

Do not move the furniture right away, wait till the carpet is dry so that the movement doesn’t cause any wrinkles or dirt or staining on the carpet that is just cleaned.

Indoor footwear

Once the cleaning is done, you might want to invest in indoor footwear. You can get simple slippers. Slippers will be comfortable for your feet surfaces and also help with keeping the dirt to limited surfaces and away from not only your carpet but also your bed.

Treat Stains right away

In case, any stains occur right after you got your carpet professionally cleaned, treat those stains right away so that they don’t get worse.

Professional carpet cleaning can be done in two ways: carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne and carpet dry cleaning in Melbourne. Depending on the kind of carpet you have, its shape, size and material as well as color fastness you can go for either dry cleaning or steam cleaning. In addition, the atmospheric condition of your region can also be considered. You can ask the professionals for advice on which method will be most suitable for your carpet.

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