Here Are Few Reasons to Restumping Your House Today

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  • Friday, 24th Dec 2021
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Restumping is highly important for those living in marshy locations with a lot of water and buildings with stumps as their foundation. If you have concrete or wooden stumps built beneath your home foundation. You should check to see if they are cracking because if they are, you will need to replace them, a procedure known as restumping. These stumps are essentially a smaller form of stilts; buildings may also be erected on stilts.

Restumping houses is one of the finest things a homeowner can do.  If they want to invest in their property while increasing its value. It is a preventive action that must be carried out at some point in the future.

The following are some of the symptoms that your home needs restumping:

  • When you see the foundation becoming increasingly fragile
  • When the columns and the foundation of the home are not appropriately aligned
  • If you discover odd structural damage in your home

All of these are red flags that the home has to be restumped without any further delay. The implications of not conducting a home restumping can allow water and other elements can erode. The stumps that are holding the house up over time, resulting in the stumps finally breaking.  It may cause major structural damage to the house is quite important. Keeping that in mind, you should ensure restumping your house by experts as soon as possible.

Advantages of Restumping Houses- Why Do Restumping?

In this section of the article, we’ll go through the several advantages that come with home restumping. You should employ home stumping services that can conduct your job with the highest care while avoiding damage to your flooring and walls.

  1. One of the most apparent and significant advantages of restumping is that it will raise the value of the home. The restumping would demonstrate that the home’s owner is concerned about the safety of the home. It is essential to spend whatever money is necessary to keep it in good repair. This will keep the house protected and long-lasting.
  2. The rotting of the wooden stumps on which most of the buildings are built is a severe concern. When it comes to home restumping, investing in concrete stumps may set your mind at ease. Since they will endure far longer than wooden stumps. Furthermore, the fear of decaying is essentially non-existent for long period. The foundations of the house should undergo maintenance to increase durability.
  3. Another advantage of restumping is that it allows you to increase the amount of space in your home. More rooms may be built, which will make life much simpler for your growing family and any visitors who choose to stay with you.
  4. Increasing the number of stronger stumps has long-term advantages and short-term ones, such as enhanced flood protection. Concrete stumps would make more sense in such cases since wooden stumps are not always robust enough to withstand the full force of running water.
  5. House restumping will also provide you with a better understanding of how well the age of the wooden stump over time. This can only be done by restumping but before it is essential to inspect the state of the wood that was previously your house’s stumps. You have to hire experts or professionals who can inspect and suggest restumps.

Final Words:

Based on the above points, you must have now had a clear idea of the importance of restumping houses. The importance of restumping houses cannot be overlooked. When you restump your house, make sure you follow up with the points mentioned above and stay informed A-Z about restumping.


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