Latest in royal maharashtrian bridal makeup Look for 2022

Latest in royal maharashtrian bridal makeup Look for 2022

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  • Friday, 29th Apr 2022
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The thing about tradition is that it brings in a feeling of ‘home’ and instant identification for a certain individual. Likewise, the makeup or the distinct makeup that reflects a certain region or state is always an instant favorite. After all, it is always easy to request a ‘Christian Bridal make-up’, or a ‘South Indian Makeup’ or a ‘Nikkah make up look’ and we know exactly what you are talking about. Likewise, the Maharashtrian bridal makeup look is one of the most requested makeup demands among brides. Of course, one cannot deny the fact that the Maharashtrian bridal look is quite unique in itself. After all, we cannot get over the ‘Kashibai’ makeup look from the movie Bajirao Mastani. So, let’s take a look at the latest in Royal Maharashtrian Bridal Makeup look for 2022:


The ‘Nauvari’ Look

Latest in royal maharashtrian bridal makeup Look for 2022

This is the more traditional royal look that most Maharashtrian brides swear by. The royal Nauvari bridal look is elegant and classic at the same time. To achieve the look you will need to

  • Prep your skin to clear out all dead skin and flakiness
  • Moisturize and apply the foundation of your choice
  • Eye makeup: Winged eyes with soft gold and brown shadows with glitter in the middle. Apply a generous layer of Khol and multiple layers of Mascara
  • Lip: Go bold with the typical red lip.
  • Complete the look with the half-moon motif on your forehead, Gajraa to match your Saree color, and of course the Mundavalya


The Peshwani Royal

Latest in royal maharashtrian bridal makeup Look for 2022

Liked ‘Priyanka Chopra’s look as the Peshwa queen, Kashibai from the movie ‘Bajirao mastani’? Well so did we. To get the look you will need to

  • Get the clean base with moisturizer and the foundation shade that suits you:
  • Eye makeup: minimal to none. Use shades of browns as liner and kohl line. Compensate the rest with loads of Mascara
  • Lips: Opt for the classic ‘Burberry’ shade in lip tint and shade. To achieve the classic Kashibai look, matt is the texture for the lip shade
  • Complete the look with ‘Khopa’ for the hair and Chandini bindi

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The Drama ‘Marathi’ Queen

Now, not all of us wish to go subtle. To add more glamor and drama to your Marathi bridal look, you will need to

  • Prep and Prime your face the right way
  • Eye Makeup: This is where all the drama lies. Go bold and generous with the Khol. The eyeliner needs to be evident and elongated according to the eye shape and size. Take unique color choices like a Blacks, Browns and Gold to accentuate the outer corner, inner corner and the centre of the eye respectively. Be sure to blend well and avoid creasing. Apply highlighter on the inner corner of the eyes and glitter ‘pop’ on the centre of the lids. Use fake eyelashes to get large, beautiful eyes and coat them with Mascara.
  • Lips: Matching Lips in shades of Pink or Red according to the outfit choice.
  • Complete the look with the ‘Maharashtrian’ Pearl ‘Nath’, Gajraa and Gold Maang tikaa.




So, there you have it, ladies. Try on the look that suits your Palette the best. And don’t forget to add ‘Zing’ and ‘Zingat’ to your D-day.




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