Revealed The Secret of my Classy Master Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Revealed: The Secret of My Classy Master Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

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  • Wednesday, 19th Jan 2022
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Many may think, it’s just a bathroom after all, isn’t it? I don’t spend the entire day on bathroom interior or designing in Melbourne. So, why do I need a classy bathroom only to freshen up and wash myself? But the truth is, we all want it. There’s a certain amount of pride associated with an elegant and pleasant bathroom. Because that’s the first place you visit after waking up. It must feel fresh and cheerful. However, how do you transform your bathroom? These bathroom renovations Melbourne ideas can help!

3 Bathroom Renovation Ideas from The Best for Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Bathroom renovation involves giving a considerate thought to aspects such as functionality and aesthetics. That’s because bathrooms are usually compact spaces with very little scope to waste space or flaunt flamboyance. Hence, it is imperative to emphasize making your bathroom more functional, while ensuring you refresh its look and feel.

These three renovation ideas can help you a bit in your endeavors to revamp your bathroom space. Nevertheless, partnering with a professional company for bathroom renovations, Melbourne is a must.

Tiny Textured Tiles on The Shower Floor

Perhaps, floors are among the last things an individual may consider renovating. But they are essential. Hence, we’ve listed this idea, focused on the floor, before everything else. Using anti-slippery, small and textured tiles made of ceramic and porcelain can enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom, as they come in various colors and styles. Additionally, their anti-slipper nature can keep slips and falls at bay.

Add A Window Near The Shower For Aesthetic Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

At times, when bathrooms turn humid, you’ll start sweating the moment you step in, let alone feeling fresh. So, to avoid letting the space turn humid, you can add window near your shower. Of course, you have bathroom fans to throw out the humidity. However, nothing beats the effect of natural ventilation. Plus, natural ventilation allows fresh air and natural light to flow in. So, on the other hand, it is solar energy efficient as well!

Enhance The Lighting Aspect

Lighting can play a significant role in enhancing the aesthetics of your bathroom. Neither too bright, nor too dim, strike the right light balance to ensure the compact bathroom space feels refreshing enough the moment you step in. Furthermore, add lighting in the shower, instead of around it. A well-lit shower can add freshness to the bathroom and enhance the bathing experience!

This was only a glimpse of all that you can do to renovate your bathroom. There’s much more to do. Partnering with the best professionals for bathroom renovations, Melbourne, such as TIJ Australia, can make the difference!


A classy bathroom is an open secret you may flaunt to let the world admire your elegant choices. While there’s so much you may do these three ideas from the best professionals for Bathroom Renovations Melbourne can spark some ideas


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