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3 Secrets No One Shares About Designer Dresses

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  • Tuesday, 21st Sep 2021
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One of the biggest industries in Pakistan is the textile industry. Every year it contributes 8.5% to its GDP. As Pakistan is the 4th largest country to produce cotton it increases opportunities and provides a tremendous marketplace for fashion designers. Pakistan dresses have improved so much, the quality, style, handcrafted details, material they use, there is so much variety to choose from. Likewise, the very famous Shireen Lakdawala designs amazing Pakistan designer dresses. Not only are they unique but they are available for all sorts of functions, for example, she makes party wear, formals, semi-formals, bridal wear, and seasonal lawn, and Winter Khaddar.

The designers have their way of making clothes. There are few things the buyer does not know how they work and produce the kind of work one needs. There are so many people involved in making a single design as the idea is to make unique and stylish Pakistani dresses.

  • Most of our famous designers both male and female are self-made. They have worked so hard to be where they are today. Designers like Shireen Lakdawala have made her name and identity in the market with her graceful designs and ideas. The secret is that no one knows how much effort these designers put in to create a single piece of fabric for their customers. Making embellished clothing for women for every occasion takes so much time and hard work. Therefore, special orders take time.
  • They purchase the material in large amounts. It is a whole long process of designing and processing it. First, the Designer will gather a collection of ideas into a mood board that identifies the design’s aesthetic. Taking the effort to organize your thoughts will result in a finished garment that is both cohesive and successful. Try some unusual combinations; you never know what will inspire those game-changing creative concepts!

Continue doing so until you have come up with a design you like. Then they sketch the idea and the Technical Designer will use the silhouette and design to determine the building details and specifications. The development of the fabric and trim options in collaboration with the sourcing agent or developer. You recheck every detail and finalize the design. Then you sent out the samples in the market and see the response. The designs typically are for all three sizes-small, medium, and large. People might think they are factory-made and sent out but the secret is it is a whole process of designing and manufacturing.

  • The clothes are pricey since these outfits cost a lot of money. It is not only about the design; it is about the presentation as well. It takes a lot of time and money to prepare the models and dress them up for the shoot. Some people believe that designers are pricey, but launching a single piece of clothing necessitates a large sum of money invested in several locations.

Big names like Shireen Lakdawala and others shoot in other locations. The secret is that they invest their money to make money.


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