So in the winters, it gets really cold! Is it because the Sun goes farther from earth? Or because there’s less sun? But neither is true! Sun does not go farther and the sunlight is not drastically reduced during the daytime! So do solar panels work during winters or not? We are here for all your confusion!

During Snow

Spoiler alert! Solar panels work even in snowy conditions! You just have to make sure the panels are not covered in snow for a long time. Heavy snowfall may reduce the sunlight penetration but the panels still produce the energy more effectively than you may imagine.

Premium solar panels with anti-reflective glass absorb more sunlight than your other roof space surface, which means that the snow that falls on the surface of solar panels melts quickly thus the energy production is not hindered.

Solar panels can withhold 20 to 40 pounds of weight per square foot which means that the weight of snowfall does not affect the panels’ durability as well as effectiveness. Panels are pressure tested when manufactured and may vary with their weight withholding capacities, according to the snowfall tendency in your region, you may get particular panels that will be perfect for your roof.

Winter Maintenance

Solar panels are installed once and then their maintenance is pretty much none. If your region sees really really heavy snowfall, you might need professionals to remove the snow from your panels as well as the roof to protect the roof structure’s durability. But if your area does not face too much snowfall then rest and relax, you are highly unlikely to face any maintenance needs for your panels even in winters.

In case of unforeseen weather conditions, you might want to invest in solar battery storage. The battery stores the solar energy produced at any time and then you may use it whenever necessary. The batteries are available in the market in various capacities. The batteries will come in real handy in case of heavy snowfall for a long time or/and cloudy days with no sunlight.

Solar Panels in winter

When we are talking about solar energy, we need to understand the basic concept: it is not about warmth, but sunlight. You may not feel the heat in the winters, but as long as there’s sunlight, solar energy will be produced effectively. In fact, solar panels work even better in cooler temperatures. So, winters with sunlight are in fact ideal times for solar energy production through the solar panels on your roof.

Even in really snowy and cold weather, your solar system will provide you with sufficient energy so you need not worry about the solar panels and winters. Now, what are you waiting for? Take a step towards a life with an environmentally friendly renewable energy source that is solar energy! Contribute towards the betterment of the climate crisis and bring hope for future generations. Get a solar system installed right away, and don’t forget to take advantage of the government rebates and feed-in tariffs.

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