Tile Grout and Caulk

The terms grout and caulk are both related to tiling and tiles. The association(tiles) similarity may lead to confusion that both are the same, which is not right. Caulking and grouting are both different and should not be used interchangeably as many do. The material that is used for caulking and grouting are both different as well as their properties. Most of the grout’s material is a mixture of cement, water and sand. Grout material is used between the narrow spaces of tiles. What it does is keep the tiles in place. Grouts can be found in varieties, each having their own distinctive properties and uses. Epoxy grout, acrylic grout and urethane grouts are some of the examples of grouts. Epoxy grout is considered to be of top-notch quality. Now the caulk is a thick substance. The material of caulking is made from silicone, acrylic or latex. Both the materials of caulking and grouting have sealing abilities but that does not make them usable interchangeably.

Uses for Caulk

Talking about the properties of caulk, caulking material is flexible and waterproof as well, which makes them suitable for various applications. Caulking is usually done around the edges of the bathtub where the tub comes in contact with the tiles. Caulk material is also used around drains, pipes which fixes the issue of leaking. As the caulk material is waterproof, it can also be used around doors and windows whenever waterproofing is needed. When you purchase the caulk, you will find it pre-made. Which then you can use with a disposable applicator or a caulking gun. Caulking is most suitable for places that have high levels of moisture and humidity.

Flexible Caulk

Caulk is multipurpose material which can also be used to:

  • Fix molding
  • Fix loosened piece of carpet by securing it back on floor
  • Stick back the wallpaper that has started to come off the wall
  • Install wooden paneling without nails being visible
  • Fix small holes in the wall before painting the wall
  • Seal the small holes and gaps on exterior or your home
  • Keep out insects etc

However one should remember that caulking is a quick fix like duct tape. Caulking is ideal for small jobs and quick repairs. Tile caulking is done for many purposes and it is effective enough as a quick solution.

Uses for Grout

Caulks have a wide range of varieties, similarly the grout also has different types. Most known grout is tile grout which is used to fill the gaps between tiles which inturn keeps the tiles in place without letting them move. The traditionally used grout is made from cement and water. The cement based grout material has been in use for a really long time however it has some downsides which keeps it from being the perfect and top-notch choice for tile grouting. This grout is porous and can get stained easily. In addition it is not waterproof and needs sealing to be effective enough. Excessive levels of moisture can make the grout crack, peel or develop mold and mildew. Top-notch choice is epoxy grout, it requires no sealing and it can be used indoor and outdoors both. Epoxy grout has high levels of resistance for stains, it is also durable and can be used in spaces with high traffic. You need to make sure to get grout cleaning in Melbourne to make it last for a long time.

Tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne is advised to be done periodically, every 12 to 18 months by professional experts.

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