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Top 5 Australian Digital Marketing Blogs to Follow

  • By Optbetter
  • Friday, 3rd Sep 2021
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Blogs are an excellent way to stay abreast of the latest industry trends, read expert opinions on various topics, know the different existing and upcoming technologies, etc. Given that digital marketing evolves continuously, it is necessary for an aspiring and existing digital marketer to follow blogs that provide vital industry insights and help enhance professional competence. Here are five of them to stay tuned with.

5 Australian Digital Marketing Blogs to Follow

Arrow Internet

Arrow Digital, also known as Arrow Internet, is a Melbourne-based digital marketing agency. Arrow’s blog categories cover various digital marketing aspects such as content marketing, SEO, conversions, social media marketing, Google algorithms, and website usability.


Canva’s blogs are as popular as the tool. They aren’t confined to graphics and designing methods but extend their expertise to share knowledge about several other topics such as content marketing and social media marketing. Additionally, it also provides webinars and tutorials in its area of expertise.

Global Copywriting/ Lush Digital Media

In 2015, Lush Digital has acquired Global Copywriting. The company’s functional areas include content marketing and video production. Its blog is an excellent learning platform for people who want to enhance their knowledge of content marketing and social media marketing. Here, Sarah Mitchell’s blogs are a great way to get tips, seek valuable guidance, and expert views on copywriting.


Mumbrella is another Australian digital marketing blog to follow. However, it is more than just a blogging platform. It looked upon as an authentic media and marketing motivation. On Mumbrella, marketers look for an excellent story, case studies, news, authentic updates on various topics and a range of other content types that intrigue them, and keep them updated about their areas of interest.


Here, you can surf for eBooks, tips, podcasts, job boards, etc. Darren Rowse blogs help you to build a better blog. ProBlogger is a globally recognized source of information that talks about useful and sensible content creation. So, if you want to enhance your content writing creativity and productivity, you must follow ProBlogger.

Other blogs to look for include King Content Blog, PR Warriors, SMPerth, Jeff Bullas, and Digital Buzz.

The more informed and updated you are, the better it is for you as a professional to succeed when it comes to digital marketing. We hope these blogs help you enhance your knowledge and grow as a digital marketer.


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