A kitchen is a place that needs a lot of attention every day as it is a very daunting task. A clean house will help reduce the risk of exposure to many indoor pollutants such as bacteria, allergens and dust mites. Bacteria and germs are everywhere, but in the kitchen, as we store, prepare and eat food, the risk of infestation is more. Bacteria are an organism that attaches itself to any surface like food, kitchen, utensils, and floors and countertops. So, cleaning everything thoroughly is essential.

We usually clean our kitchen from head to toe, but some places are left hidden. We never notice those places, and it becomes the breeding ground for some of the most dangerous organisms.

Here are some places that are left unnoticed by most people. The list will help you find your breeding grounds and will save you from many illnesses.

1) Stove Hood and Fan

This is a place that many people forget to clean, but here you can find many greasy food particles stuck. To clean this, take an all-purpose cleaner and clean the hood and fan using the microfiber cloth with hot water. It would be best if you cleaned this place every six months to remove all build-up grease.

2) Under the sink along with the drains

It is good that you clean your sink every day, but what about the lower parts and the drains? If you don’t clean your drainage pipes and sinks, the area will become the home for small roundworms that can be very dangerous for human beings’ health. Every two months, you should scrub the lower part of the sink and clean the water faucets properly.

3) Behind the Refrigerator 

It is quite tough to clean the backside of the refrigerator frequently, but you should clean the area in two to three months. In this area, you can find dust and dirt along with grease. Clean it using an all-purpose cleaner using warm water and a sponge.

4) Fridge Gaskets

The gaskets in the fridge become dirty and stiff because we don’t clean them often. Keep them clean and supple by using half cup water and half cup vinegar mixture. Scrub this mixture on the glass plates and rods and clean up all food particles and liquid stains. After scrubbing, clean the surface using a microfiber towel.

5) Refrigerator coils and fan

When you keep your appliances clean, they are likely to work for several years. Cleaning the coils and fans of the fridge is tough and quite risky to clean. For cleaning this, you can take help from professional cleaning services in Delhi providers. They will clean the backside more professionally and efficiently.

6) Utensil Drawers

The utensil drawers or shelves accumulate foods, crumbs, and debris on the sides and corners. The best way to remove the food is to empty the drawer and clean the drawer using a dry towel or broom. If there is some sticky stuff, use warm soapy water to wipe off the stain easily.

These are some of the places that need a frequent check. Cleaning these places will help you stay safe from unnecessary illness and make your kitchen look more clean and organized. If you need any assistance in cleaning-related work, you must help the Cleaning Services Providers. Nakoda Urban Services is a cleaning company that provides facilities for various cleaning operations in the most efficient way. The company acquires many new cleaning technologies that help them to clean your house in a great manner.

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