Top 5 Non Toxic Nail Colour Brands

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  • Tuesday, 5th Oct 2021
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Popping colours…pretty nails…perfect gloss or just some bold matte! No matter what nail colour type or shade it is, nail colours are pure joy!
But what about your nails’ health? Sad yellow nails are just heart breaking! And that happens when your nail colour has a heavy dose of alcohol or extreme high doses of chemicals.
But fret not my dear nail colour lovers! We have sorted out few of the best non toxic nail colour brands just for you! Check them out now…

Top 5 Non Toxic Nail Colour Brands

Iba Breathable Nail Color

Iba Breathable Nail Colors aren’t just free from harmful chemicals like xylene but they are also based on a unique breathable formula. It is air and water permeable on a molecular level, which means your nails can breathe while looking all funky and trendy. Because of this cool formula, Iba Nail Colors are also wuzu friendly with a valid Halal Certification…how awesome is that!? And the best thing is that Iba nail colors range from bright to nude, with even a pure white for your French manicures!

Top 5 Non Toxic Nail Colour Brands in India -1

Sugar Tip Tac Toe

This brand is pretty new but has been giving equal competition to all leading cosmetic and skincare brands in the market. Sugar also offers nail colours that are chemical free as well as free from any substances that would end up harming your nails. Sugar’s nail paints are formulated in Italy and it gives a unique plumping effect to the nails. Go grab yours now!

Nykaa Nail Paints

Nykaa Nail Paints have always been natural and toxic free, but recently they launched a special Breathable Range – which is again air and moisture permeable on a molecular level similar to that of Iba Cosmetics. These nail colours come in pretty pastels to dark hues, a perfect pick for your pretty nails.

Lotus Herbals

Okay so this brand is something that every 90’s kid would relate to! But here’s some good news with sprinkled with some nostalgia, Lotus Herbals’ Nail colours are 100% vegan and every shade of Lotus nail colours has a beautiful deep pigmentation finish. So basically it’s colour, fun and purity all wrapped in a cute little bottle!

Faces Nail Colours

Now this brand is again awesome and cruelty free! But when it comes to their nail colours, they’re absolutely amazing because they are non-toxic and absolutely safe for your nails. Another cool property of Faces Nail Colour is that it is infused with non harmful plasticizers which modify your nail enamel to be flexible and hence it prevents your nails from chipping and cracking! Awesome!

Now hurry up and go gift your nails with some popping colours that are safe and funky! Don’t forget to ensure that you use non-acetone nail polish remover like the one from Iba, to give your nails a refreshing change of mood!


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