Types of Underpinning

Types of Underpinning in Melbourne and When Do You Need It

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  • Monday, 26th Jul 2021
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Let’s start with understanding what is underpinning first:

Underpinning is strengthening the foundation of any structure. Think of book piles. One pile is slightly tilted and is about to fall, what you will do is put another book under the pile and make the pile balanced. Basically what you will do is even out the base so that the pile stays up properly.

Now let’s find out how many kinds of underpinning methods are there:

Soil strengthening

One of the safest methods is soil strengthening. In this method a kind of a foam is mixed with your soil which strengthens it. This method is simple, so much so that you don’t even get out of your home. This method is used when the issue is of weak soil or low quality.

Mass concrete method

Mass concrete method has been traditionally used for about 100 years now! Although the techniques of this method keep evolving. This method uses manpower and no machines. This method makes strong foundations for already existing buildings.

Beam and base method

This method is relatively uncommon. This method involves concrete addition. The technicalities of this method may vary from place to place. Depending on the building’s capacity of withstanding the load of clay, there may be some precautions that need to be taken care of.

Screw and piles method

This method is employed where traditional methods are not suitable. This method does not take much time either. What’s more, this method is convenient and also affordable.

Mini –pile

Mini-pile method needs special machinery and extraordinary expertise. This method is used when the ground is unstable.

Pile and beam underpinning

Piles and beams are utilised in this method. Pile and beam method can be employed when there is a space in the foundation.

Now let’s talk about the signs that say that you need underpinning in Melbourne:

  • Cracks:

    If you are noticing cracks in your walls, it means that the foundation is damaged and is also getting weaker with every passing day and in that case you are definitely in the need for underpinning of your home.

  • Tilt:

    If you feel your house has bet on a side, you might be in need of underpinning. You may notice uneven floor or tilt of your home easily.

  • Stuck windows and doors:

    You may be noticing that your windows are not closing and opening as smoothly as before. They might be sticking a bit. Similarly your door might seem out of proper mechanism and stick while you close it or open it. This happens due to imbalance of the home’s foundation and what you need is underpinning.

  • Issues in Basement:

    If you are finding various leaks and cracks in your basement then you need underpinning.

  • It’s been a really long time:

    if it has been really too many years since the foundation and building of your home, then the foundation is bound to be partially damaged and weakened and in that case you need underpinning right away, you cannot trust any structure to last forever without any repairing needed.


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