Generally, you’re cleaning your carpet correctly, and this is not the case. Well, this isn’t true. Carpet seems to be a considerable purchase when it comes to upgrading or decorating your home, and with good reason. It’s an item that you will have in your home for years. Possibly even decades, and truly can make a huge difference to the appearance of any room. 

Any one of us has likely heard or said the following words: “Carpets look dirty quickly after they are cleaned”, or we have just had my carpets cleaned, and they’re already dirty again. There may be some truth to this, but what it also conveys is that people don’t know when to have them cleaned. Most of the time, unfortunately, carpet cleaners don’t do themselves many favors either. 

Often chanting about how dogs muddy outside or solicitors coming over with their soiled shoes – sure, they get a bit of dirt on their shoes. Still, the result is a lot of stress on the carpets because more cleaning is required for them to look clean once again. So what exactly happens when a carpet gets dirty? What causes this dirt build-up, and why does it happen so quickly? These are all good questions, but first, we should talk about what makes up a carpet, when it was invented, and who invented it. 

Does the Carpet Look Dirty Faster After They are Cleaned?

Your carpet may appear dirty after cleaning for a variety of reasons. These may consist of the following:

Not Doing a Vacuum Before a Steam Cleaning:

The carpet is first vacuumed before beginning the steam cleaning process. Before beginning steam cleaning, vacuuming is necessary since there is dust in the carpet that needs to be removed.

Applying a Cleaning Agent When Steam Washing:

Not all cleaning agents are created equal. Some people don’t clean the greasy substance off of the carpet. As a result, if a specific solution is employed and it cannot remove oil, the oil substance will remain in the carpet and make it appear dirty after cleaning.

Overusing Water:

The use of water is crucial to the cleaning procedure. The jute backing of the carpet gets reached when too much water is utilised, though. The carpet appears to be colourless as a result of this. Furthermore, excess water is difficult to dry once the task is finished.

Not Rinsing After Washing:

Even worse than choosing the incorrect cleaning solutions is not thoroughly washing the carpet. If soap residue is left in the carpet, it acts as a magnet for dirt, which causes the carpet to become stiff.

Cleaning a Carpet can Make All the Difference

When it comes to judging whether or not it will be clean for some time. Many people that say this have had a bad experience which is why they say it in the first place. They are trying to help you. Only this statement is based on the lack of knowledge and understanding about the level of care, regularity and cleaning process that goes into the job.

How to Stop Your Carpet from Becoming Quickly Dirty

Carpet cleaning service is vital to keep up with, but it does not have to be too expensive. And it does not have to be time-consuming or difficult. Take time to look for good service, the right company with the right equipment to arrive on time and do the job quickly and professionally. You will be glad you did because you can maintain your carpets properly. They will last longer, saving you money and means they will be around in good condition for longer.

Don’t wait until your carpets look unrecognisable because it gets down deep. A steam clean once a year should do the trick for high-footfall areas like the hall and lounge. The carpets in these rooms range from versatile to expensive, so it’s best to have them cleaned regularly. This will help maintain their appearance and make them last longer.

Carpet Cleaning with a Professional Approach

The main reasons carpets will look worse after cleaning are if they’re cleaned with dirty water and if they’re not dried properly. However, there is a simple solution: Clean your carpets a couple of weeks before the big event. The longer you let your carpets air dry after you clean them, the better they’ll look when the company arrives.

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