The solar panel is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to have electricity in our houses. A Solar panel absorbs the sun’s energy to produce electricity. It converts the heat of the sun and produces electricity for your home. Instead of that, it has several other advantages as well. A solar panel produces a renewable source of energy and minimizes the emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

Although it has a lifespan of three decades, it gets reduced due to negligence. The outer face of the panel is made up of glass and gets damaged easily due to weather changes. Dirt, dust, and scratch are also responsible for reducing the efficiency of a solar panel. The question which might have arisen in your mind is if you have a solar panel, can it be repaired or not?

The answer is yes, but it is always advised to hire Professionals for Solar panel repair because they are aware of the techniques and methods of correction. Only professionals can save your panel from further damage. An effective panel will increase the worth of your house. It will give you lots of electrical energy for years.

Reasons For Solar Panel Damage

First, let’s see some of the common reasons that cause solar panel damage. The reasons are-

Poorly Fitted Cells

If you see hot spots or burnt marks in your solar cell it indicates that it will degrade faster. The main causes of hot spots are scratched cells, cracked cells, the joining of two unmatched solar cells, loose-fitting cells, etc. It will lead to some serious problems, including fires.


The face glass of the panel gets cracked due to hailstones, golf balls, and rain which increases the absorption of water and other materials inside it.

Dust & Dirt

Accumulation of dust in the Solar edges also reduces its capacity to absorb Sun energy.

Snail Trail & Uneven Color

Snail trail and uneven color in your panel are also some of the signs of panel degradation.

Water Damage

The water in the junction box can cause a short circuit and stop converting energy.


Birds and pests Droppings if not cleared frequently reduce their efficiency.

Advantages of Hiring Professionals for Solar Panel Repair


High electrical appliances need to be repaired with full safety. Professionals are certified experts who always take full safety precautions.


They are experienced and trained. They have solved thousands of solar panel problems before.

Repair in Less Time

They can easily and efficiently repair your panel in no time as they are trained experts.


Reputed companies give warranty in solar panel repair service.

No Further Damage

They will protect your panel from further damage while repairing. They are also efficient in handling any sudden mishaps during work.


Solar Panel Repair is a complex process, and they have adequate and high-quality tools and appliances for it.


The prices of the certified companies are effective and transparent. You can rely on a licensed professional.

Highly Rated

They get ratings upon which we can judge their service quality. And if you hire a highly rated company, you can rest assured of good service.

Methods That Professionals Use in Solar Panel Repair Service


In the first step, they do the inspection.

Cost Estimation

After diagnosing the problems with your panel, they will let you know the price of your Solar Panel repair.

Repair, Replace, Or Upgrade

In the final step, the team of experts either fix or replace the underperforming panel or upgrade other Components of your panel, such as the solar battery storage, inverter, or other electrical wiring.

How To Avoid Damage to Your Solar Panels?

  • Clean debris whenever you feel necessary or hire professionals for it.
  • Call Professionals once a year for an inspection that whether the panel is working properly.
  • Immediately call certificate inspectors for inspection in case of any visible damage marks in your Solar panel.
  • It sometimes happens that there is no visible damage mark in your panel but producing less energy. You should call the team of experts in such cases for solar Panel repair.

Wrapping Up

Hence, if you want to increase the lifespan of your solar panel, you should keep an eye on the panel. The frequency of cleaning and taking the solar panel repair service should be relative to the rain, hailstorm, and sandy wind. Spending less on maintenance will protect your panels from degrading, and it will save you from buying new panels.

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