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The Australian Digital Marketing Strategy Guide 2021

  • By Optbetter
  • Tuesday, 10th Aug 2021
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Australia is a competitive market. The country’s ever-growing business horizon brings more competition to every business owner’s table, and therefore the need to be digitally more agile, aggressive, and more active. Accordingly, this Australian digital marketing strategy guide 2021 highlights a few factors that need thoughtful attention from all entrepreneurs, regardless of their current size, customer base, target market, and industry.

5 Components of the 2021 Digital Marketing Strategy in Australia

1. Mobile SEO

Mobiles have become more capable and valuable than ever. They allow easy access to information anytime and anywhere. Accordingly, mobile SEO takes centre stage. Optimizing your website’s ranking for mobile searches is an effective way of cutting through competition, being more visible, and thus standing a higher chance of tapping prospects much before than anyone else.

2. Content Creation and Promotion

Many brands spend a lot on creating content. However, when it comes to promotion, the efforts are inadequate. Here, you must remember, while creating content is crucial to enhancing your digital presence, promoting it is equally critical to be seen and believed. So, you must leverage every possible and relevant channel to ensure you are seen and heard within your target audience and also that you convey the right message that helps you derive value.

3. Automation

Marketing automation isn’t a recent addition to the tech cosmos. It has been around for nearly a decade. However, its continuous evolution and effective results have now made it an integral part of digital marketing. Marketing automation enhances your competence and enables you to reach the right target audience at an optimized time.

You have a range of marketing automation platforms, such as HubSpot, AutoPilot, Marketo, etc., to help you automate your virtual marketing efforts without letting you worry about how and when to reach your audience, and thus leaving you free to focus on the strategic part of your business. Further, incorporating elements such as AI and ML can contribute to your efforts significantly and deliver better results.

4. Customer-Centric Brand Messaging

Gone are those days when brands used to be heroes of the message. Today, while the customer is the king and always right, he is also the hero of your business. Therefore, you must ensure your brand message puts your audience in the centre. You must create messages that engage customers in your brand communication and tap into intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. The focus shouldn’t be sales but building sustainable relationships!

5. Personalized Emailing

General emails aren’t even seen; forget them engaging with the recipient. Email campaigns are designed according to the customer needs by identifying what they want or what they’ve searched for on the internet, engage well, and yield better fruits. So, if you haven’t personalized your emails already, doing it now can help you a lot.

Summary of Digital Marketing Strategy

In digital marketing, while doing what is useful, it is necessary to incorporate the latest trends. This Australian Digital Marketing Strategy 2021 highlights a few aspects to ensure effective and value-based digital marketing amidst competition.


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